Venue Spotlight: Neck of the Woods, Auckland

Located in the heart of K’Road, Neck of the Woods is Auckland’s premier music venue. It is a dynamic bar that you won’t leave without having a great time as it “puts good vibes first.” Neck of the Woods is “committed to creating a safe, friendly and inclusive community environment, that extends beyond our venue and throughout Karangahape Road,” states the venue.

Neck of the Woods’ walls will transport you to an 80s video game because of the way they are painted. They feature cartoons and space-inspired murals, and this venue is combined with more typical modern nightclub furnishings.

From evening to night, you can grab a bite from their simple, delicious, and reasonably priced menu. If you need to reboot your party stamina, fret not, sides are available after 10 pm, according to Concrete Playground. This is in case you need to soak up some booze. Neck of the Woods’ more “conventional cocktails are available on request.” The cocktails at the venue have satisfying flavor combinations. You must try Mandrake!

Neck of the Woods
Neck of the Woods via Supplied.

At nighttime (after 10 PM), Neck of the Woods is a host to a range of gigs with the venue also hosting some of the lost and little-known recordings from the ’50s and ’60s.

You don’t just go for a quiet drink here all by yourself here! This live music venue in Auckland, New Zealand, has a definite energetic ambiance. If you’re looking to have some fun and an amazing place to go for anything Neck of the Woods is a great choice! From a single drink to going at it all-night, Neck of the Woods has got what you need.

Monthly Artist Programme

Alongside music and good vibes, art is highly appreciated at Neck of the Woods. They have made it one of the foundations of their venue since its inception. This spacious and super cool venue has launched its official NOTW local artist program.

It is a monthly collaboration between a local artist, illustrator or designer. This will be handpicked by the Neck of the Woods team every four weeks. They will collaborate with each artist on Neck of the Wood’s weekly and monthly poster artwork. The team of Neck of the Woods will also work with each artist on a handful of limited edition stickers.

“Collaborating with these creatives on a monthly basis is about celebrating the talented creatives around us, and having refreshing artwork for your eyes and ours,” states Neck of the Woods.

The upcoming event Keeno (Hospital Records) on Saturday, July 2, 2022, at Neck of the Woods, Auckland, has been ticketed by Ticket Fairy. 

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Information has been sourced from Neck of the Woods and Concrete Playground’s website.

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