Pioneer Announce Game-changing Update For DJs

Industry leaders of the DJing world, Pioneer have announced a gamechanging update in their ‘Rekordbox’ software which will makes the lives of DJs easier than ever.

When you go to a club and you are stood closer to the space where the DJ is spinning tunes, there’s a good chance that you will see Pioneer written around the DJ’s console. The Japanese company which is now run by Noritsu Corp. has been the industry gold standard for all things DJing for over two decades.

Starting in 1994 with the CDJ-500, Pioneer, despite all the competetion from players like Native Instruments, Numark and Denon, have been the undisputed kings of DJ mixers, decks, effects units and various other accessories.

Along with the hardware prowess Pioneer, the next major contributor to their business is their in-house DJ software called the ‘Rekordbox’. The software has been the go-to software since 2009 for DJs to analyze their music before plugging it on its CDJs to smash the dancefloor.

‘Rekordbox’ is a software where a DJ adds the music they wish to play in clubs or at festivals. The track is then analyzed as per the genre and its speed with the end result being the waveform of the track which is then played around by DJs to make their sets creative.

All the software versions from 1 to 5 directed the DJ to analyze the track manually and which would then give out information like waveform, BPM (Beats Per Minute of the track), beatgrids (series of markers that point to the location of beats within the track). But with Rekordbox 6 which came with cloud support has gone one step further and added the ability to analyze tracks from its cloud.

With the update, the track which had to be fine-tuned manually will look into its existing analysed track data from all rekordbox users. Once that is done, it will populate the version on your local or cloud storage with all the necessary details waveform, bpm, beatgrids and even vocal positions. This move is also a big move towards Pioneer’s long-term vision of ‘crowd sourced’ metadata for DJs.

Anyone using Rekordbox will know the painstaking process of having their track analzyed, but with this gamechanging update, it will allow DJs to spend less time fine-tuning and more time making their DJ sets more creative.

Download the new version of rekordbox here and watch the video below for more information about its latest update.

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