A Beginner’s Guide To Sea Of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is quite an interesting game, but many people haven’t been able to figure it out even after a handful of hours in-game, making them abandon the game altogether! We’ve spent a few hours on the game and have made a small guide where you will find everything you need to do to make your first great fortune. 

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Making a fortune is the primary goal of Sea Of Thieves, but understanding how your ship works is as important. There are three types of ships available for players to choose from: a Sloop (for two people), a Brigantine (for three people), and a Galleon (for four people) that are all controlled from the highest deck of the ship. 

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Getting Ready To Set Sail

Right in front of the ships wheel, you’ll find the anchors that help you stay in one place and not flow with the seas’ currents. Next you’ll focus on the sails, which will always have to always face the wind for speed. You’ll find two knobs that help you draw the sails up or down, with the other knob helping you set the sails for more wind.

Trader Jobs

There are exactly three different types of Trader Jobs, each with their own adventures and assured treasures that will give you millions of gold coins! 

Gold Hoarders – One of the most relaxed yet thrilling experiences you’ll find in the world of Sea of Thieves, Gold Hoarders are found in every Outpost and are the ones who give you quests and maps to find lost treasure. Upon returning the treasure to the Gold Hoarder you’ll find at least a couple of hundred thousand gold coins in your name. 

Merchant Alliances – Merchant Alliances are jobs in which players are supposed to deliver goods from one outpost to another on a specific date and time to get the best return on gold. Usually while taking on Merchant Alliances, players find treasures from various ship wrecks which can be turned to gold at any outpost.

Order Of Souls – Order of Souls will make you very rich but not without a fight! You’ll be raiding a fortress filled with dead souls that keep attacking and dropping loot for you to collect and give to the Order Of Souls. Upon clearing the entire fortress, players are given a vault key that accesses a vault where you can find the most valuable items in-game. 

While doing Trader Jobs you might encounter other online players, they can either be really nice and start an alliance or start attacking and take all of your loot. Keeping an eye out for other players and obstacles when you have a lot of loot is important as well! 

World Events 

Now, you didn’t think Trader Jobs would be the only way for you to earn some gold, did you? Every time you look into the sky and see a skull with red eyes, or a Galleon-shaped cloud, have you wondered what it could be? 

Well, those are World Events in which player can fight hordes of NPCs and their bosses, stealing loot and selling it at outposts. These battles usually take hours on end to complete with the eminent danger of other online players joining the fight or stealing your loot from right in front of you. 

To name a few World Events you should try: 

Ghost Fleet – Look to the skies and spot a Galleon. After following the skies, you will find yourself in a long battle against various Ghost Ships that keep trying to sink you. After you’ve completed the battle, you get to steal all their loot and sell it at the outpost. 

Forts Of Fortune – You’re going to follow the skull in the sky with red eyes that leads you and your crew in a fight on the skeleton turf-grounds. Fight more then hundreds of enemies and collect your fortune. 

The Kraken – The Kraken is something you want to stay away from at the start of the game. It will break your ship easily and drown you and your friends in no time. But get lucky enough to defeat one of the Krakens many tentacles and you’ll have a fortune to claim.

We believe you are now ready to set sail and explore the world of Sea of Thieves. A crew is all you need to beat other players, steal their fortunes, and raid various islands. Embark on an unexpected adventure and live a pirates life!  

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