Everything We Know About Stray: The Game

Every now and then, we get news of a Triple A game that promises more than the usual experience we’ve come to expect. This year, we’ve kept our ears to the ground for any news about a game that is most unique, Stray. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming 2022 title where you play as a cat!   

Developed by a small group from France, known as BlueTwelve Studios, Stray will allow players to take control of an adorable lost cat, alone and separated from its family in a long-lost city run by robots.

See the world though the eyes of a cat, be stealthy, search for food, get pet by strangers, and avoid dangerous creatures and curious robots. 

The Trailer

Playing as a ginger cat in a dystopian futuristic setting, players will have to keep their character from harm whilst finding their way back home. The feline will soon learn that robots are not too keen on its presence, and will begin to unravel a bigger issue, and face a mysterious threat known as the Zurks.

Release Date 

The game will launch on the 19 July, 2022 but players can also pre-order it from the PlayStation store for the PlayStation 4, and 5, as well as Steam for Microsoft Windows. There has been no news about Stray coming on Xbox, but we’ll keep you updated! 

Click here to pre-order Stray on PC

Click here to pre-order Stray on PlayStation 4 and 5


Players explore the dystopian-world in third-person perspective while also having many puzzles to solve along the way. The cat is extremely vulnerable to the Zurks and can only dodge them and run to safety. Players will soon come across a robot named B12 who becomes your companion and saves you from the Zurks, while also being the only robot to understand you.

Players can explore the city with the cats unique ability to jump high and on top of roofs, along with many interactions with street vendors, and other various robots that don’t seem too hostile. We’ll be quick to do a review of the game when it’s finally out for everybody. 

We’re quite excited to explore and play Stray, and we hope you are too. The game is quite unique and definitely stands out from other AAA games like Elden Ring, and Cyber Punk. We’ll be sure to make review of the game with tips and tricks for you have a more enjoyable experience. 

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