Madorasindahouse Drop A Massive Afro Compilation

One of the finest tastemakers of Afro House music have dropped an enthralling selection of tunes from some of the best talents in the game.

If at all you weren’t aware, Tanzania in Africa is where the first traces of humankind were found and quite naturally the continent was also responsible giving us the first piece of music. Fast forward millions of years, traditional African instruments were fused with House music, and the result was the creation of a magical form of music called Afro House.

The genre has its roots coming from South Africa where a fusion of Kwaito, Tribal, Deep and Soulful House music was brought together to give birth to a unique sound. Since its inception and inside a decade, Afro house has exploded beyond its spiritual home in South Africa with international stars playing at the biggest clubs and festivals in the world.

The sound has now infected the entire continent with pioneers like Saint Evo, Manoo, Afro Warriors, Mr Raoul K, and Black Motion coming from every corner of the continent with the biggest Afro House name being Black Coffee.

Another important aspect of Afro House music is its deep and wide infrastructure which lets artists from every part of the scale thrive with their music. Labels like MoBlack, Merecumbe Recordings, Deep Forest SA, Chymamusique, Get Physical, Sol Selectas, SoWHAT and many more are pushing the genre with quality and consistency and one of the tastemakers from this distinguished list is Madorasindahouse.

Covering every spectrum of Afro House like holding events, being a music platform, a record label, Madorasindahouse is one of the important cogs of the genre’s success. Hosting artists like Daniel Rateuke, Sparrow & Barbossa, Shimza, Caiiro, Kasango, and Black Major on their label along with their regular YouTube uploads that bring music from every degree of Afro House music, their importance to scene cannot quantified in words.

Continuing their pioneering work, the label has now brought some fresh talent along with some heavy hitters on their yearly compilatio, the label has given us a selection ranging from Afro, Afro tech, soulful, and organic house music of the highest quality. Just from the first tune, the heavy hitting and tribal sounds of Afro House are exhibited by MÖRDA on ‘Amen’. Deep Narratives make an appearance in the compilation with a dark and hypnotic number called ‘Abonda’.

Masšh brings his piercing brand of Afro-tech on ‘Ntala’ while G.Zamora cools things down with a vocal-driven tropical offering. Nigerian twin brothers, Homeboyz who are known for their spellbinding Afro music deliver it straight on the plate with ‘Phumelela’ which means to succeed in Zulu.

MoIsh, Idd Aziz, and Vasilis deliver a rapturous melodic banger with powerful vocals called ‘Mama Jomu’. Liva K, Thimble, and Nikos Diamantopoulos follow their lead with to three delightful melodic and organic numbers. Carlos Barbero and Los Cabra bring their melodic introspection on ‘Jachal’ and ‘Melba’ by Copal starts bringing the release to a close with a high energy Organic tune.

Greek stalwart DSF comes next with his soulful inspirations on ‘Thank U’ while and HaZa and Gone Deville bring the compilation to close with two organic belters full of traditional Afro vocals and cinematics.

Buy/Stream ‘Madorasindahouse Selects #4’ – HERE

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