Driven AM’s 16th Anniversary With Calyx & TeeBee, Random Movement, DB, & More

Drum & bass label, artist management agency, and event production company Driven AM is all set to ring in its sixteenth anniversary in New York with performances by the genre’s biggest names. Taking place on August 5, 2022, the lineup boasts the likes of legendary drum & bass duo Calyx & Teebee, liquid DnB aficionado and record producer Random Movement, DnB icon DB, DJ Nightstalker, and many more. Tickets for the event are now available on Ticket Fairy.

Driven AM has been at the forefront of pushing North American drum & bass culture and promoting DnB concerts in NYC since 2006.

The sweet sixteen celebrations also coincide with the birthday of DJ, vocalist, producer, and owner of Driven AM Dave Shichman. The party and revelries will take place at the Sovereign in Brooklyn, New York. Sovereign is a lively concert venue and a dine-in restaurant offering live music, happy hour, cocktails, culinary specials, and hosting a variety of events. The venue is noted for its stellar live performances, ambiance, and atmosphere.

Sovereign will host another Driven AM event leading up to the celebrations on August 5. Up first is the Driven Day Party, which will feature legendary DnB artist DJ Fabio. It will be supported by acts Matos + Lovelace, Paul C Selector, DJ Mark McNulty, DJ Caylie J, and resident DJ Kelly Ross aka Agent 137. DJ Caylie J and DJ McNulty will make their Driven AM debut at this event on July 24. The Driven Day Party is a series of daytime outdoor DnB parties held annually.

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In an Instagram post, DJ Caylie shared, “I’m so thrilled to be a part of this event with the legend DJ Fabio and other artists I’ve admired over the years! I’m honored to open for this day party and bring some good vibes and sounds to the dance floor? Many thanks to Driven AM for booking me and putting these incredible shows together!?.”

Drum & bass duo Calyx & Teebee will headline the milestone event on August 5. They’ve been producing music together since 2004, and are still one of the most fascinating acts in electronic/dance and DnB music today. Their appearance follows the release of their album ‘Plates’ in May 2022, which includes fan favorites like ‘War Dub’‘The Fog’, and ‘Anything For Attention.’

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Breakbeat and EDM artist Random Movement is also scheduled to perform at the Sovereign. He will undoubtedly keep the party going with his soulful, smooth, and melodic tunes! Driven AM’s Michael Richards, also known as DJ Random Movement, announced his return to the stage after a long layoff. The liquid DnB veteran revealed in a tweet that he hasn’t done a public gig at a club venue since February 2019.

DB Burkeman, better known as DJ DB, a pioneer in drum & bass’s jungle subgenre, is also on the lineup. DJ DB was at the forefront of rave/party culture in the United States. He is regarded as one of the founders of the US drum & bass scene. Speaking about the early days of jungle music in an Instagram post, DB  conveyed, “ in the US, Jungle had mostly been the unwanted poor relation in the rave family, often being assigned the worst sound systems in the shitiest rooms at the big parties. But now, suddenly, there were promoters giving it some love.”

Producer, writer, and professor DJ Chris ‘Nightstalker’ Muniz is known for his jungle music, contagious energy, and trademark blend of high-intensity DnB music. He will make his first appearance in New York City during the celebratory event. He made a statement regarding the historic occasion, saying, “Beyond stoked to be a part of this stacked lineup and legendary event in NYC!! Celebrating 16 Years of @driven_am and @daveshichman’s bday on the same night!! NYC about to be blessed with heavyweight basslines all night!”

Driven AM resident DJs, Mixmaster Doc, owner Dave Shichman, and DJ Josiah Scribes round out the lineup of performers for the occasion. Don’t miss Drive AM’s 16th-anniversary celebration or Dave Shichman’s birthday party on August 5! Tickets are selling out quickly!

Get your tickets for ’16 Years of Driven AM: Calyx & TeeBee, Random Movement, DBon August 5 HERE

and ‘Driven Day Party: FABIO’ on July 24 HERE

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