Sovereign – One of Brooklyn’s Most Happening Concert Venues

The East Williamsburg venue has been known to orchestrate some stellar performances! Among Brooklyn’s go-to places for a night out, Sovereign boasts an atmosphere that easily creates that of an outdoor concert. The venue has a see-through ceiling, letting visitors bask in the harshest of weathers while enjoying their meal against great music. It was previously known to patrons as ‘Arrogant Swine’, a BBQ restaurant that first debuted during 2014.

At Sovereign, you can expect everything an evening can offer, from a quality performance, an impressive menu complete with happy hours for those looking to participate, food specials, to sports events. The venue sees a variety in customers, attracting music enthusiasts, sports fans and gastronomes alike. Kitchen hours are until midnight, with the location hours being Monday – Thursday and Sunday, 4:00 PM – 12:00 AM, and Friday – Saturday, 4:00 PM – 4:00 AM. Happy Hours are from 4 PM to 7 PM.

First and most-loved to mention off Sovereign’s menu are their chicken dishes, burgers and fries. Guests can select from a variety of sandwiches, chicken tenders, and chicken wings, watering the delicacies down with their choice of beer or some handcrafted shots. A highlight of their menu is Sovereign’s ‘Smoked Stories’, a selection of their best BBQs and steaks that include their Pulled Pork Sandwich, Brisket Sandwich, Onion Rings, and Mac & Cheese, among other mouth-watering options.

Moving on to their live events, the venue extends its stage to artists of all spectrums and musical genres. They have conducted stand-up comedy shows and have hosted Nu-metal and dark trap artists. Earlier this year, they had a Bass Olympic competition in February. A few weeks later, they hosted a Wrestling Night and ‘The Great American Trash’ with wrestling, live music, and Go-Go dancers in early July. One can expect to see a lot of metal, rock, garage rock, rock & roll, death metal, punk, hardcore, and other similar genres and subgenres, as well as some exquisite EDM artists. 

Sovereign states: “Concerts, live events, private events, parties, brunch, good food, great music… always available to you!”

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Last month, Pentagram, a doom metal band, celebrated their fiftieth anniversary at Sovereign. And now, on August 5, 2022, the space will see a grand celebration of 16 years of DRIVEN AM with their biggest lineup ever! The lineup of the event consists of: 

1) Calyx and TeeBee – A duo whose music has had an impact on the DnB scene for over 15 years. 

2) Random Movement – A Liquid DnB legend, Driven AM family member and celebrated producer with classic releases on countless labels including his own imprint, Flight Pattern Records!

3) DB – An NYC icon and DnB legend. DB is one of the “founders of the US Drum and Bass scene and longtime Driven AM family member!”

4) Nightstalker – The NYC debut of a west coast DnB legend 

5) Driven AM residents: Mixmaster Doc & Dave Shichman. MMDoc is a deep-bass mastermind. He has extensive discography. Dave Shichman has been a respected member of the US DnB community for nearly 20 years. Shichman’s 40th birthday will be celebrated at this event too!

Come party all night from 10 PM – 4 AM. 16 years of DRIVEN AM Celebrations with Calyx & TeeBee, Random Movement, DB offers a night of amazing music, great BBQ, and a full bar at Sovereign. Grab your tickets NOW!  

Get tickets to Driven Day Party: FABIO (July 24, 2022) and 16 Years of Driven AM: Calyx & TeeBee, Random Movement, DB (August 5, 2022) at Sovereign via Ticket Fairy
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