TF Spotlight: anam?’s Mesmerizing Soundscapes

Music has transcendental powers but when you had the responsibility of captivating listeners to anam?, there are few things that come close to their music’s elegance.

Led by legendary Swedish act Marcus Schossow and Norwegian beat-smith, Thomas Sagstad, they made music together as individual producers since 2007 before the inception of their anam? project this year. Translating to ‘to adapt’ in Old Norwegian, anam? brings a myriad of influences to their music that range from house, techno, trance breaks, and progressive house music.

anam?’s ability to make their music orchestral and cinematic saw them release their debut single with legends Above & Beyond called ‘Gratitude’. The single was a culmination of Above & Beyond’s penchant for emotional vocals and anam?’s proficiency in producing rapturous numbers that are filled with depth and passion.

Now with a debut USA tour on the horizon, along with their latest single ‘Influencer’, we had a chat with the duo about their thoughts behind the project, their debut with Above & Beyond, their debut USA tour & lots more!

Hey guys, how is the summer treating you so far?

anam?: Hey guys, thanks for having us. Summer has been great so far, both of us are in such good places when it comes to creativity and productivity. It’s a joy being in the studio, we can’t wait to get out on the road and show everyone what we’ve been creating.

Your debut single as anam? was breath-taking! How would you like to describe the experience while writing the tune with Above & Beyond?

anam?: Always a pleasure working with the guys. Whenever we meet it’s always a positive vibe – you can tell how passionate they are about music. They have this ability to make everyone at ease and feel very welcome so you walk away from any setting, feeling inspired. We are extremely fortunate that they have been so welcoming and supportive for the anam? project.

How long was the anam? project in the works?

anam?: anam? has been a concept we have been thinking about, talking about since we started out in our music careers. Like everything in life, good things take time and they happen when they are supposed to happen. It’s about timing, resources and alignment.

Was it always the plan to end the Gardenstate journey with ‘Inspirations’, before commencing with anam?, Marcus, as a new lease-of-life?

anam?: The ‘Inspirations’ concept was conceived long before gardenstate and it will live on beyond. (Stay tuned 😉

A debut anam? US show is also on the horizon. What are things you guys are most looking forward to?

anam?: We were not planning on touring this year but having the opportunity to give the fans a little taste of what we are going to bring once we go on a full tour is something we are very excited about. 

Your recent release ‘The Best Part’ has also been doing crazy numbers both streaming and across social media, did you ever expect the track to reach the heights it did?

anam?: We had a weird hunch about this record, it’s hard to describe. But there was something in it that we felt could translate broader. But not in our wildest dreams could we imagine it would go viral and just keep growing like it is still. We are very grateful for that.

You also released a techno-leaning ‘SHE’ EP on the label Petit Matin; do you find it important to work with different imprints to find the perfect home for your releases?

anam?: Our home is Anjunabeats, so when we work with other labels it’s not so much about finding the perfect home – we couldn’t be happier about the one we have. But we want to keep pushing our sound forward and reach a wider audience with our sound. 

What is your best gig or festival memory (either individually throughout your careers as producers, or an event you may have also attended as fans)?

anam?: We have been blessed to travel to some amazing places and meet some amazing people all over the world. It would be hard to pick one.  However, a joint experience we will never forget happened in May this year as we were playing the legendary Gashouder in Amsterdam.  Standing up on stage at a legendary venue we always dreamt about, together with our new project – that we’ve been working on for so long “in the shadows” was amazing. 

A sneak peek in to when we can expect new anam? music?

anam?: We like to stay busy so our release schedule is already packed for this year. Starting with a very special remix that is out tomorrow.

Being an Indian, I have to ask; how soon can we expect anam? to tour India?

anam?: We love India and we got something special planned very soon 🙂

Listen to anam?’s full discography here:

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