Tom Finster Set To Release Debut Album on DIVIDID

The diverse drum & bass and halftime producer from Leipzig will release his first long release called ‘Year of I’ on ABIS, IMANU’s & Lars Dingeman’s futuristic bass imprint, DIVIDID.

Tom Finster grew up in a small village near the Czech border where long winters, huge mountains with deep woods and little creaks was the principal visual setting. To evade the place’s gloomy surroundings, Finster started making music as his form of escapism rather than a social experience. His experiments with different styles and forms of music eventually led him to drum & bass.

Having found his home in the genre, Tom Finster moved to Leipzig and started his musical excursions in 2018. Having experienced music as a listener during his early adult years contributed to his deep understanding of sounds and he started self-releasing music until the ‘I’m Not Over You’ EP on Canadian label, Upscale.

Since then Tom Finster has known no stopping he has carried his deep, poignant and story-telling drum & bass and halftime abilities to labels like NËU, VALE, Neosignal, Inspected, and DIVIDID. Some of his high-profile reworks include remixes for Camo & Krooked, Apashe, Rohaan to name a few.

Tom Finster’s 2022 started with a bunch of self releases followed by a return to Upscale music for a remix. Heading into the business end of the year, the German producer is now all set to release his first album called the ‘Year Of I’ on DIVIDID which will be released in the last week of August.

The album will be the producer’s most personal and ambitious work to date through his melancholic and personal compositional themes. While we wait for the full release, DIVIDID have released the first single called ‘Bleep’ from the album which is a subtle drum & bass tune with the perfect balance between soul and grit over intriguing vocal modulations. The release is also accompanied by an intriguing video.

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