A Quick Rundown of the Interactive Drama: As Dusk Falls

For this week, we are going to take a look at one of the newest games added to the Xbox Game Pass, titled ‘As Dusk Falls’, an interactive drama developed by INTERIOR/NIGHT and published by Xbox Game Studios on July 19, 2022. 

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Once in a while, we get an interactive film/game added to the list of the ones we know. But never has the story been compelling enough to play and watch the entire story. In this review, there will be no spoilers to the story, but rather our experience playing the game! 


As Dusk Falls is a narrative-driven game that requires players to make important choices that can affect their surroundings as well as the story, immediately or much later. You will get three to four choices and a time limit, with several scenarios only having two (crossroads). That is usually a turning point or an important scenario that can have a dramatic affect on your story. 

The game does not leave you idle and alone. Players are going to have to help perform some of the actions that play out in a cinematic way, like dodging bullets, fixing an AC, and a lot more. We played using an Xbox controller, that made it easier to tap buttons, swirl around the joystick, and use the arrow keys to help make actions easier to do. 


For a game that’s following a narrative theme, you can only hope the story is going to be KILLER, and it is! We loved the experience, with each scene as dramatic and thrilling as the last.

Within the game, players follow two people from different families, whose lives get intertwined during a robbery gone wrong. The story takes place in the American Midwest with a family man named Vince, on a long drive to his new house with his wife, daughter, and his father.

The story begins with the family entering Arizona and getting into a bad accident with a bunch of rowdy brothers that zoomed by. The family car breaks down due to accient, and the family decides to find a motel to spend the night in. In the meantime, we learn the boys that crashed into Vince’s car are known as the Holt Brothers, and we control their youngest brother, Jay.

The Holts have a reputation for not obeying the law, and that very day they chose to break into the sheriff’s house and steal dirty money that the sheriff had been taking as bribes. During the robbery, Jay finds a bird watchers’ book and decides to take it with him. It had a hidden black book of all the dirty money the sheriffs made. 

The boys leave the house just before the sheriff makes it back home, and while being on the run, decide to enter the same motel that Vince’s family is in.

Possible Endings And Hours Of Gameplay 

Yes, As Dusk Falls has several endings and not only that but both characters trigger their own endings with Vince having three different endings, and Jay having four. Players can finish the game with 4-6 hours, but if you would like to experience the other endings, it could take around 20 hours. 

As Dusk Falls has an amazing story, and if you’ve tried Netflix’s interactive films, these will definitely fill that void.

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