The Evolution of Dogger’s DnB Imprint, Precinct

One of best new labels to emerge in recent years have stepped into their third year; and we will break down their evolution and share the tunes that inspired Dogger to start the label.

We have raved a great deal about why, as drum & bass heads, we are in a magnificent place right now, and London-based producer, Dogger’s label, Precinct embodies our sentiment. A Mancunian by heart, Rob Smith grew up as a skateboard artist with his go-to genre being hip-hop. Manchester’s rich history with drum & bass infected him and he was absorbed by the genre’s mellow side which is delicate and distinctive in nature.

Heavily inspired by Calibre, the late, great, Marcus Intalex, David Lynch, Joy Division and Björk, Dogger started making music and his made his debut on Alix Perez’s 1985 Music in 2019 with his long-time collaborator, Mindstate. His silky smooth and emotional soundscapes late took him to revered labels like V Recordings, Shogun Audio, Drum&BassArena, The North Quarter, while being a regular at 1985 Music.


His love for gloomy emotive undertones also led him to start his own label in 2019. Giving the heartbeat to Manchester’s dark skies and rainclouds, Dogger released his label’s first piece of music in April 2020. With the ethos of ‘A place without walls or perceived boundaries’, Dogger brought his mate Mindstate on the label for the next release and since then, the intensity of Dogger’s idea of drum & bass kept expanding.


The growing stature of the label saw a natural progression where up coming talents like Brook, OB, Clusion, Funktional and Bailey before racking up the big ones to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. To kick things off for the label’s 3rd birthday, Precinct released a with the label and Children of Zeus’ Tyler Daley featuring the producer’s stripped back style and Tyler Daley’s passionate vocals.

The single was also a follow up to the label’s celebrations at Fabric London with Dogger, Mindstate, Liam Bailey, Think Tonk, Salo and many more on the line up. The first single was then followed by a tune which brought heavyweights like Zed Bias, Chimpo and Salo together for a soulful and steppy number called ‘Started With You’. Continuing the label’s steady rise, Dogger has now brought Mindstate and Verbz, who bring their A-game on the table with Mindstate’s watercolor melodics under Verbz’s bars.


As the label steps into its third year, we asked the boss to compile a list of tunes that inspired him to start Precinct. As expected the list of tunes features the styles, tempos and genres he grew up with before becoming a staple in drum & bass. Featuring Calibre, DRS, Skittles, Marcus Intalex, and many more. Here is the list in all its glory:

Listen to Precinct city’s full discography here:

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