A.M.C & Junk Mail’s Turbo-Charged Drum & Bass 

Following their release on RAM Records, we’ve picked tunes from Junk Mail and A.M.C’s abyss of energetic drum & bass music that’ll make you stomp your feet.

A former member of the groundbreaking Mind Vortex duo who were known for their skull shattering drum & bass, Junk Mail made his solo return into the DnB folklore with two smashing tunes on RAM Records. With a penchant for the piercing and the potent, Junk Mail’s return has brought the best of both his dual and individualistic styles.

A.M.C like Junk Mail, is a legend who is fully operating in a league of his own. One of the last disciples of the dubplate culture, A.M.C’s futuristic but foundation-focused sound has become one of the staple styles of the genre. His explosive style of productions is also complimented by his other worldly skills behind the decks. His selections and immaculate mixing techniques make him the best DJ operating in the drum & bass space.

Junk Mail and A.M.C came together for the first time to release a thumping banger on RAM Records, and following their release, we are listing some tunes from the wizards that would make you want to attend their show at the first chance you get.


Of course, we begin with their collaborative tune to kick things off. A.M.C brings his classic Titan Records style while Junk Mail serves up nostalgia with the smartly used elements from his Mind Vortex days. Menacing bass screeches with crunching beat patterns, the producers have brought their high impact sound to full effect on ‘Blocklist’.


Released recently on the legendary Breakbeat Kaos imprint, A.M.C remixed a stone cold drum & bass classic with his pioneering touch. It’s never easy remixing, let alone getting it 100% right; but it’s A.M.C we are talking about. The man only means business.


Next is Junk Mail’s first tune as an individual producer. The reason behind us picking this tune is the fine balance of his foundational sound with Mind Vortex and his distinct solo sound that the producer has achieved on the tune. Dark and progressive, ‘Lock Stock’ is the perfect recipe for a gut-busting festival opener.


This tune is the type of style A.M.C has perfected over the years and projected it through his label, Titan Records. The sound have undoubtedly grown and progressed in its own way, but when it comes to not missing a beat with, A.M.C ensures that your bassface gets screwed to new levels.


Junk Mail and A.M.C are all about producing certified dancefloor bangers and ‘Send It’ was also made with the thought of making the listener chew their face. Part of the two-tracker that marked his return this year after a brief hiatus , Junk Mail dropped ‘Send It’ which exemplifies simplicity while firing on all cylinders through its high energy impact.


One of A.M.C biggest tunes and if we are to bring back the clips from the time when this stomper was causing havoc in clubs and festivals alike, you would want to put your dancing shoes on, right now. Once again, ‘Tap Ho’ was one of the biggest tunes released recently and A.M.C, as expected, perfected its rework.


We close the list with arguably one of Junk Mail’s biggest tunes to date. A gorgeous synth-led intro comes to close and takes us towards the drop, where we are eventually warped with a classic Junk Mail bass drop. ‘Yellow Jacket’ also presents a blend of tuneful drum & bass coinciding with explosive rave- tracks.

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