TF Spotlight: emjulate’s Halftime & DnB Adventures

We sat down with emjulate, the halftime and drum & bass alias of Slovenian master FLO, for a chat about his latest EP, his take on the emjulate project, and lots more!

Consistently being on top of the genre can be strenuous, let alone taking up more and acing all of them; but not for Slovenian producer emjulate. Primarily operating in the deep, and introspective sounds of Dubstep as FLO, on which he adds his signature euphoric touch, emjulate offers him the chance to go dark and experiment with the crackling world of halftime and drum & bass.

Originating in 2021, the Slovenian’s emjulate project had 2 self-released EPs last year, and for his first emjulate release of the year, the versatile producer is making his debut on Pennsylvania-based and fan developed multi-genre label, VALE.

VALE’s uncompromising approach has always prided itself in being ‘genre-indifferent’- and one that focuses on style, technique, and novelty, rather than the genre; and the next chapter of their sonic excursions comes from emjulate on the ‘Pestilence’ EP, which is out today on all platforms.

Presenting cut throat sound design, as well as an aggressive stance for dancefloors, VALE and emjulate join forces to platform a high-quality release meant for the dancefloor; and following the release, we caught up with emjulate to know more about his project, his new EP, influences and his plans for the future.

How did the emjulate project come about?

emjulate: During the COVID lockdowns I was getting tired of the same old 140 tempo I was making so I started to experiment with genres I always loved, especially the ones I grew up with. Over the lockdown period, I realized I made quite a large amount of music that was completely different from my first project, so I decided it’s best to split things up and make a new alias.

Your latest EP as emjulate comes nearly after a year since the ‘roborat’ EP. What are your thoughts on the release?

emjulate: My idea was to make something that blends old school and the new era of bass music, and have more than one type of rhythm on the EP. My first two releases were a collection of songs I made over the lockdown period that I felt were good enough for the public. I decided to pick the best ones, finish them and find a good theme.

With the new ‘Pestilence’ EP on VALE, it was a similar process where I worked on all kinds of music for 7-8 months and picked my favorites for an EP. The tracklist changed up quite a bit because I didn’t like a song anymore or it didn’t make sense with the others as much.

We’d like to pay special attention to ‘Micro Waves’ from the ‘Pestilence’ EP; it’s a proper mind-bender. Can you tell us a little more about the experience while writing the tune?

emjulate: I am obsessed with Cyberpunk/Suspenseful film scores with glitchy pulses and the idea behind the track was to combine that with Neurofunk. It took me a while to figure out how to arrange everything, especially the breakdown section, trying to bring everything back together for the second drop.  I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m glad you are feeling it as well.

Having produced Dubstep as FLO and then firing up your emjulate alias; how has the transition been for you?

emjulate: It helps me stay creative, working with more than one genre. When I feel that I am starting to repeat myself with Dubstep and Future Garage, I forget about it for some time and move to faster tempos and vice-versa. This helps me stay motivated and not be close-minded with just one or two styles. In the end, it’s all about having fun!

Who would you like to describe as your biggest influences?

emjulate: In middle school, I discovered D&B Legends such as Kemal, Rob Data, Ed Rush, and Black Sun Empire and that got me completely hooked on bass music so I’m going with those as the ‘biggest’ or most important.

What’s next for emjulate?

emjulate: I want to make a collaborative EP with other fellow artists I know. I have a few tracks completed but collaborations take so much longer to complete so I can’t rush it. I am hoping to have it ready in early 2023. Besides the current release, I don’t have anything important planned.

Five tunes you are feeling at the moment?

emjulate: Canopy – Strobe (gyrofield Remix)
Amoss – Front Left
Exept & Disprove – XXX
Head Space – Bandito (q100 Remix)
Brent Faiyaz – Circles (YOOFEE EDIT)

Listen to the ‘Pestilence ‘ EP here:

Grab your copy of the ‘Pestilence’ EP – HERE

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