Doc’n Roll to Release a Drum & Bass Documentary

Music documentary film agency Doc’n Roll are set to release ‘The Rest Is History: the Early Days of Jungle & Drum ‘n’ Bass‘, a documentary encapsulating the deep and formative roots of jungle and drum & bass.

We have said it before and we will say it again, despite being called the bastard child of dance music, drum & bass at the moment remains to be the most exciting electronic music genre to produce, play and listen to. We’re in a time where we’re witnessing a new style of drum & bass being created nearly every year, with a plethora of new labels and promising artists emerging from every corner of the world.

However, the genre’s longevity and three-decade long success was the result of the blood and sweat of many pioneers. Many will know DnB’s most influential, namely Fabio & Grooverider, Goldie, Dillinja, Calibre, Shy FX, Andy C, and LTJ Bukem. However, the scene was, and is, being pioneered in so many more ways.

Taking us back to the days when it all started for the genres, women-led film agency Doc’n Roll are bringing in their own take on the prototype years of jungle and drum & bass. Right from the days of illegal raves to the amphetamine-attack darkcore club sounds of Optical and Ed Rush, ‘The Early Days of Jungle & Drum ‘n’ Bass’ will be a celebration of the formative years of jungle and drum & bass music.

‘The Rest Is History: the Early Days of Jungle & Drum ‘n’ Bass’ is a story of rave, resistance and resilience that champions the scene’s pioneers. The documentary offers an exhilarating and intimate look into the creation of this beloved multicultural underground art form and its continued legacy today.

The documentary deftly traces the scene’s origin from east London council estates, to raves and street parties across the UK, Europe and Canada. It also features unique insights from important pioneers and instigators, including Jumpin’ Jack Frost, Ray Keith, Dillinja, Ragga Twins, Micky Finn, Paul Ibiza, and G.Q.

Filmed by Peter Costigan, the musician and DJ marshals an impressive array of archive footage to take his underground story to film for the first time. The film will be screened in select cinemas across the UK and Ireland, and available to buy via download from August 19, 2022, through Doc’n Roll’s on-demand platform Doc’n Roll TV, and many other digital platforms. From August 12, in advance of the wider release, Doc’n Roll will host six special preview screening events across the UK including in-person Q&As with the director and featured artists from the film.

Peter Costigan says “I’m really excited to be travelling to the UK to support the release of my ?lm in the UK and Ireland after many years in the making and setbacks due to Covid. Drum n Bass is a huge a huge part of my life, and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity with Doc‘n Roll to help educate a new generation of ravers/junglists about where the music came from.”

Watch the trailer of The Rest Is History: the Early Days of Jungle & Drum ‘n’ Bass here:

Doc’n Roll Preview screenings schedule

12 August: London, Everyman Kings Cross

14 August: London, ICA Cinema

16 August: Liverpool, Picturehouse FACT

17 August: Birmingham, Mockingbird Cinema

19 August: London, Ritzy Brixton + after-party

20 August: Brighton, Duke’s at Komedia

For more information, visit: Doc’n Roll’s Website

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