5 DJ on a Bike Sets You Should Watch

Dom Whiting, best known as DJ on a Bike, is a native of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, in the United Kingdom. Dom delivers some of the greatest techno and DnB music to the streets on his portable deck mounted on a bicycle. Already a seasoned DJ and a fan of house and techno music, he purchased a bike and equipped it with a power pack generator, speakers, decks, multiple cameras, mics, numerous cables, and an internet source.

After the lockdown, he began riding and performing live streams on Facebook in towns and cities throughout England. Electronic, techno, house, and drum and bass music blasts over his mobile sound system during his performances.

Dom Whiting Designs his DJ Bike

Watch part two of this bike reveal by clicking here

About his musical exploits, Dom shared with The Guardian in 2021, “I wanted to bring people together and enjoy a bit of music because we’ve been away from each other for a long time. We hadn’t had live music for so long, it’s nice for people to be able to come out and experience it.” Whiting continued, “It’s not exactly a club atmosphere, it’s completely different, which actually makes it unique and special. It’s a nice feeling, people appreciate you coming to their city.”

DJ on a Bike has performed on the streets of LondonManchesterBirmingham (with a baby on board) in England, Cardiff in WalesEdinburgh in ScotlandSan Antonio in Ibiza, Spain, on F1’s Silverstone Circuit and many charity rides. In this article, we explore five of his performances.


Drum and Bass On The Bike Berlin

Dom Whiting gathered a sea of cyclists on the streets of Berlin in 2022 for a drum and bass-fueled cycle ride. The bike procession began at Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate and traveled nearly five miles to the now-closed Berlin Tempelhof Airport. The Berlin police department also assisted by spontaneously deciding to escort the cyclists on their route.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video posted by carbon-neutral vape brand Vuse on Instagram.


First Ever Drum & Bass On The Bike

Dom first played drum and bass on his bike in the town of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England, in March 2021. This was a solo ride that was almost two hours in duration. The ride also had the DJ conversing with people on the street, cycling at a skate park, and pledging to leap into the river if he surpassed a million views. And, on reaching this milestone, Dom did plunge into the river Thames midway through the set.


In September 2021, Dom Whiting turned the streets of Bournemouth, England, into a parading rave party. He billed it as “the biggest ride yet.” This musical ride began its route at AFC Bournemouth Stadium’s car park and concluded at the Boscombe Pier. Along with DnB aficionados on bikes and rollerblades, a friendly parrot, Dave, took part in the Bournemouth edition, matching Dom’s green outfit.

Bristol City

Drum and Bass On The Bike – Bristol City

In May 2021, Dom performed his unique drum and bass on the bike act in Bristol City. His route began at College Green and ran through several Bristol city neighborhoods. On this route, cyclists can be seen hauling massive speakers and even LED light systems. The event was followed by an afterparty at The Bristol Amphitheatre. Dom will be doing his DJ on a bike performance in Bristol annually.


DJ on a Bike Brussels

DJ on a Bike took a cycling journey with possibly one of his finest sets in Brussels, Belgium, in 2022. This was his first trip to Europe with his mobile deck. The DJ session and bike ride commenced during a heavy downpour of rain from the Arcade du Cinquantenaire memorial and went on for almost two hours non stop concluding at The Atomium building in Brussels. Due to severe rain and strong winds, the ride almost did not take place.

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