Black Barrel Returns to Leo Cap Alias With an EP

The multi-talented Russian producer returns to his dubstep and footwork alias with a blazing four-track EP on Shenzhen-based label, Unchained Asia.

We often use the term ‘force of nature’ for a person whose qualities are beyond control, but Evgenii Khmel aka Black Barrel aka Leo Cap defies these laws. Hailing from St. Petersburg, Black Barrel is a literal music-making machine; and one that doesn’t stop producing distinctive tunes. Growing up, Black Barrel took influences from a number of genres like techno, hip-hop, and indie rock.

These influences were significant in shaping Black Barrel’s sound, which has a little bit of everything from his inspirations. The Russian producer made his debut in 2014 and in just under 8 years, he has racked up a catalog that many can’t deliver in over a decade and more. Black Barrel has backed his quantity of releases with supreme quality, with seminal Dispatch Recordings being his primary label, along with appearances on Metalheadz, Sofa Sound Bristol, and Spearhead Records.

His deep, dark, techy, and pulsating style of DnB has recently been complimented by his Leo Cap alias where he digs deeper into the introspective sounds of dubstep by adding his own funky and futuristic touch. Starting his Leo Cap project in 2020, he has already had his output released on labels like Navy Cut, 4NC¥, Wheel & Deal, Deep, Dark & Dangerous.

Continuing his sonic journey, Leo Cap has now released an EP on Shenzhen-based label, Unchained Asia. Taking his punch-drunk rhythms to Unchained’s unapologetic style of bass music, Leo Cap has assembled 4 cuts that span across dubstep, halftime, and footwork.

The twisted and wonky ‘Groove Masta’ EP begins with the title track with its mechanized beat patterns that transport into a diabolical dubstep number. ‘Drop The Bass’ falls right up Unchained’s alley of crunching halftime music before ‘1234’ slaps us with its mind-numbing and cathartic structures. ‘Very Dangerous’ lives up to its name with the tune’s large stack of sub-bass to make it a proper club wobbler.

Leo Cap has also dropped a self-released album featuring his weaponized music called ‘All You Need’ which you can find – HERE

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