Taking a Look at the Spider-Man Remastered Edition for PC

For this week, we’ll be taking a look at Sony’s Spider-Man Remastered Edition that launched on August 12, 2022 on Steam, the Epic Games Store and the PlayStation Store. Below you will find our initial thoughts on the remastered edition as well as some major differences in gameplay and performance that we found.

Now, you start to shoot webs at bad guys, swing from one building to another, or even see a familiar face such as Kingpin’s, all on superior graphics as well as better frames for smoother gameplay.

Graphic Settings 

Surprisingly, the Spider-Man Remastered edition is compatible with pretty much any decent graphics card.


One of the many noticeable additions to the game is ray tracing, which helps light within the game mimic how it would in real life. It’s quite impressive when swinging around the streets of New York – you see your reflection off a bus or a coffee shop.

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The remastered edition was originally made for the PlayStation 5, which would be able to run the game at 60fps along with 4K resolution. However, PC players now have the upper hand! If you’re running a super powerful system with the latest graphics card, you’ll average 60fps with the ability to change the graphics settings, which might give you more.

The Story 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsf5Wjb1uAM&w=916&h=515]

The story follows a boy named Peter Parker, who at the age of fifteen was bitten by a radioactive spider that resulted in him having extraordinary powers. Eight years later, Peter has become somewhat of an expert in crime fighting and goes by the name of Spider-Man.

After all these years of fighting crime and hiding his true identity, Peter cannot seem to balance his personal life with that of his superhero alter ego. In the meantime, New York City is being hit with wave after wave of nefarious super villains.

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Surprisingly, Peter discovers several crimes that connect back to Mr. Osborn and the Kingpin, better known as Wilson Fisk, long-time foe of Spider-Man who commands an army of supernaturally powered men known as the Inner Demons.

Differences Between PS4 Spider-Man and PC Remastered Edition 

Spotting major differences has been quite difficult as the game runs blissfully well on the PlayStation 4. The problem we all faced while playing Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4 was the frame rate. Before the PlayStation 5 came out, console games ran at 30FPS at a 1080p resolution that never really brought out the landscape, nor did it make the fight fun.

The PlayStation 5 has three different graphic options, and you can switch between them willingly. The first is Fidelity Mode that runs at 4K with 30FPS, which is quite close to the PlayStation performance. The second is a Ray Tracing Performance Mode that provides you with 1440p (Pixels) at 60FPS, and lastly, Performance Mode that runs the game in dynamic 4K at 60FPS.

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And now, with the launch of the Spider-Man Remastered Edition, PC users can play the game in 4K resolution with unlocked frames. You’ll also have more ambience and color in your landscape with reflections, shadows, and render scaling.

Insomniac Games hasn’t changed the plot or added anything fancy, although since the cast of Spider-Man wasn’t confirmed during development of the game, they created the main character without any reference. Although, the developers at Insomniac later made sure the actor looked a little bit like Tom Holland, the live action actor playing Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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