Opening DJs Are EDM Twitter’s Latest Trend

As club and festival goers, our attention is often captured by strobe lights, confetti, and the smoke guns surrounding the best and the most prominent DJs.

(DISCLAIMER: This is a personal opinion) But have we spared a thought for the DJs that kick the night off, warming the crowd up for the headlining act? Opening DJs have to do it all; push their show on social media until the last hour. Once that is done – gather people for their set, knowing very well that no one will possibly turn up so early, and then comes the most challenging part – setting the tone for the night.

However, in the last few years, we have seen the perception of an opening DJ change significantly. DJs have been carefully navigating their sets without killing the flow of the night and getting people to dance in the opening stages of the night. The rule is simple: keep it groovy, build the energy steadily, don’t play the headliner’s music, and you have a tight and solid opening set.

It’s no secret that half of Instagram’s funny content is Twitter screenshots, and when Twitter picks up a topic, it’s bound to stir for a while. Similarly, in the last two weeks, we witnessed EDM Twitter speak extensively about the role of opening DJs. There have been some witty tweets from fans and DJs worldwide between the intense conversations. Now that I’ve articulated what I think about opening DJ slots, here are some picks from EDM Twitter’s latest trend that are worth a chuckle.

Starting with the best one, of course. Tip for DJs, maybe get a table for the headliner to enjoy the cookies, so you’re a sure-shot booking for their next show. Pun intended, and for the ones that will follow.

…and the next one. Why bother playing when no one’s going to stand in front of you at all. Just switch off the console and wait the headliner to arrive. Make sure you get some cookies to kill time.

This one goes out to the DJs who have played at 4.30 PM when the headliner is supposed to take over at 10 PM. I feel you.

This one is going to hurt a lot of DJs, including myself. Luca Lush really woke up and chose violence.

Afrojack went all in with this one. No remorse for the opening DJs who would like to stand right next to the console and shout 1..2..3..4

This man has asked an incredibly important question. As an opening DJ, why do you want to play music at all? That’s the headliner’s job.

This tweet is openly asking for an opening DJ to never see the inside of a club as a DJ ever again. Smart move, headliners.

Think about it; think about the people in the crowd who are early sleepers. Just play the set of your life and let people go home nice and early. The headliner can steal someone’s thunder some time later. Preferably before bedtime.

If you don’t play anything from the Shrek movies, why are you even an opening DJ? *cue I Need A Hero*

Opening DJs, take note; If nothing’s going right in your set, playing crazy frog would be a smart move.

Finally, to end it all, CASHEW asks an important question; what’s next, Twitter?

Which one was your favorite tweet? Let us know as we leave you with the most epic DJ fails, right from bedroom DJs to celebrities. Have fun!

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