Atteev Returns With Pop-Rock Inspired Single ‘Come Home’

We had a candid talk with Atteev about his newest single ‘Come Home’, his evolution as a producer, his upcoming EP, and more!

“An exploration into the feeling of being uncomfortable while moving forward,” said Atteev to encapsulate his latest single titled ‘Come Home’. After a brief hiatus, Mumbai-based singer, songwriter, and producer returns with ‘Come Home’, an upbeat rock-inspired pop song that delves into a person’s inner conflict and turmoil. It is the lead single from his upcoming sophomore EP. 

Under the façade of peppy beats and sanguine instrumentation lies Atteev’s signature knack for writing introspective, conflicting lyrics, which is reflected throughout ‘Come Home’. Keeping in touch with his lyrical composition, the latest tune is a new route for the ‘Fitoor’ singer sonically, who is known mostly for his plethora of mellow-pop-sounding tracks. Following his last release earlier this year, Atteev took an unprecedented break from music, during which the singer enhanced his production skills. As an artist who writes, produces, and engineers his songs all by himself, now seemed like the right point in his career to showcase his evolving artistry. 

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“It came to a point where my skill set had grown considerably,” said Atteev as he explained his creative process. “I wanted to keep my lyrics the same because that is where I feel most comfortable, but continue improving and upgrading myself as a producer and get more rich sounding sounds. I figured it is high time to start upgrading; to show a reflection of my growth as an individual as well as an artist.”

For ‘Come Home’, the artist tried his hand with rock and pop infusion. “Rock as a genre has been elusive to me,” he said, unraveling his trial and error process of experimenting and learning multiple genres during his break. Keeping a tab with the rise in pop-punk music spearheaded by artists like Olivia Rodrigo and the 80s-inspired tunes with Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, and others, in the West, genre experimentation is Atteev’s attempt to renounce the formulaic approach in music and creatively explore within the independent music scene in India.

It will be recurrent throughout his upcoming EP. “I’d like to call it like it is as a dichotomous EP,” exclaimed Atteev. “This EP is going to be creatively different. ‘Come Home’ is a very different song from what I’ve done before. In the EP, furthermore, I explore hip-hop, full-frontal rock that’s euphoric in nature, lo-fi, and a cinematic ballad. The EP will show you that – ‘This is where we’ve come in the span of two years, this is how much we’ve grown and learned as a person, and then move on.'”

Atteev’s last EP, ‘Fragments of My Former Self’, came out in 2020. The five-tracked project elucidates a story of the five stages of falling in and out of love with each song. Since then, the singer has released a modicum of singles and collaborated with artists like Smg and Tansen. ‘Come Home’ is the first official single pulled from Atteev’s soon-to-be-released EP. The track is now out worldwide! 

Listen to ‘Come Home’ HERE

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This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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Feature Image via Atteev, photographed by Ritvik Tyagi.

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