TFword Premiere: Forbidden Society – 0606

From the Czech drum & bass legend’s upcoming EP on his self-titled imprint, we bring you the premiere of the deep and wobbling dubstep tune, ‘0606’.

DJ, producer, label owner, and now a clothing brand creator; there’s nothing Forbidden Society can’t do. An essential figure in Czech Republic’s rich drum & bass folklore, Forbidden Society’s career spans over two decades. A purveyor of the deep and dark realms of drum & bass, Forbidden Society’s repertoire also extends to the aggressive blends of dubstep music.

Forbidden Society’s first piece of studio material came in 2004. Since then, he has released his music on revered labels like Noisia’s Vision Recordings and RAM Records. Most of his music was either self-released or on Jungle Therapy Records and T3K, before the producer sensed the need to drive the sound he champions in his own way.

Taking his love for dangerously powered cuts delivered at a dizzying tempo, Forbidden Society set up his self-titled label and took his hard dancefloor drum & bass style to the world. Along with his own catalog, some of the big names that have appeared on Forbidden Society Recordings are Counterstrike, Emperor, Current Value, Agressor Bunx, T-Man, and Katharsys. The last three years have been widely successful for Forbidden Society and his label. He released three studio albums since 2019, the most recent being in April this year.

Now for his first solo release since his album, Forbidden Society has returned to the label for a 5-track EP called ‘Dystopia’. The EP sees the producer refine his dark and weighty style of bass music, which features three rolling drum & bass numbers followed by two grime-soaked dubstep cuts.

The ‘Dystopia’ EP is out tomorrow and from his carefully crafted sonics, we are bringing you the premiere of his aggressive, grime-inspired ‘0606’. Taking the spiritual dubstep approach, Forbidden Society has channeled his distinctive production qualities into a tune that will make people chew their faces in a dark and sweaty club.

Grab your copy of the ‘Dystopia’ EP – HERE

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