The Newest Triple-A Video Game Of 2022: Saints Row

After six long years, Volition developers have returned to one of their most cherished titles, Saints Row. Recently, publishers Deep Silver helped launch a reboot of Saints Row on August 23, 2022. 

After an all-out alien invasion, humans with superpowers, demons and angels, time travel, and the obvious destruction of the Earth, the launch of Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell was only the standalone expansion we got all the way back in 2016. Although its reviews were mixed by critics, it was praised for its unique setting, a funny script, and entertaining gameplay that carries on even to this date in the reboot.

For this week we will be taking a look at American developers Volition’s reboot of one of their most successful titles, Saints Rows! 


The story takes place in a fictional city called Santo Ileso that is under the control of three major criminal gangs; Los Panteros, known for their ‘Mad Max’ looking vehicles and love of fitness, Marshall Defense Industries, a private international military group that specializes in high-tech weaponry, and lastly, The Idol, a group focused on night-life who claim themselves to be tools for the system.

Players take control of a character who goes by the name “The Boss”. He is a former member of the Marshall Defense Industries who now wants to seize power from all three gangs with the help of three other people; Neenah, a mechanic and a former gang driver for Los Panteros, Kevin, a DJ and former member of The Idol who is in charge of handling heists and various operations, and Eli, who has an MBA and is usually the brains behind ever operation. 

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Taking on rival gangs is a daily task, but one of the major ways to begin your criminal enterprise and level up is to take control of all nine districts in Santo Ileso. This will slowly but surely grant you basic benefits that’ll help in mission and combat situations. After playing the game and becoming a powerful gang, players can upgrade vehicles and various weapons.

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Before You Buy Saints Row 

If you love customization of characters, you’re going to like the character build options in Saints Row! Players have the ability to change their hair, eyes, muscles, and even voices. The world building is great, but when competing with games like Elden Ring, it’s just another sandbox-type game.

 We never encountered any bugs or glitches that forced us to abandon the game. We don’t want to spoil any of the missions as they are super fun to complete, with payouts also being quite rewarding!

 And if you’d like to keep customising your character’s clothing, crew-mate styles, car modifications, as well as cool cosmetics for weapons, they can be found at various places around the sandbox world of Saints Row. The pedestrian AI is also quite impressive, as when left alone you will find them in simple unintentional accidents that, if you have a chance to witness them, are quite entertaining.

In the latest Saints Row, you’ll find the developers of the game have intentionally toned down the sci-fi aspect. Previous titles took us on journeys one could definitely not forget, but Saints Row seems as though it’s like a build up for many more games and extensions to be added in the near future.

 We hope you like our spoiler-free review of the newest triple-A video game, Saints Row. You can buy the game on the Epic Games Launcher, Steam, Xbox, or even go to your closest video game retailer to purchase it.

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