Everything You Need To Know About Black Myth: Wukong

For this week, we’ll be taking a look at the action/adventure RPG that is currently under development by Chinese indie developer, Game Science, and is based on the classic 16th century Chinese novel, Journey To The West

Very little is known about the story and gameplay, but with the release of a new eight-minute long gameplay from Nvidia Geforce’s YouTube channel, we will point out everything you might have missed in the gameplay video and from IGN’s coverage from a year back! 

One of the most highly noted points is that the gameplay appears to be similar to Elden Ring and The Elder Scrolls; in that players can roam freely, fight mythical creatures, and level up their characters based on their fighting style. That in turn makes Black Myth-Wukong one of the most highly anticipated games set to launch in 2023.

Release Date

Unfortunately, the game is quite ambitious and is being developed by a small team of developers from Game Science. In an IGN post, the developers and founder (Feng Ji) of Game Science came out to the public after their 13-minute long gameplay was trending, gaining 10 million views in 24 hours on a Chinese video site called BiliBili.

 The founder, Feng Ji, took his time explaining all the complex and raw problems their teams were facing with frame drops during action sequences, the physics of water flowing didn’t look quite as polished, and he apologized for the audio lagging in the gameplay. 

Developers claimed, the gameplay footage was initially to help attract more potential employees to join the company. There hasn’t been any specific date announced for the launch of Black Myth – Wukong, but many hope for a release in 2023. 


According to the gameplay footage, Black Myth-Wukong is going to be a third-person action RPG based on a 16th century Chinese novel titled ‘Journey To The West’. Just like in the novels, we follow the main protagonist, Sun Wukong, in his vast adventures and glorious battles against mythical creatures.

Our main character, Wukong, has several abilities that were revealed during the trailer, but one of the items in his arsenal is a black iron staff containing mystical powers that we can see in the gameplay, with it towering high into the sky to land an impactful blow on foes.

A list of powers we see Wukong use in the gameplay: 

Transforming into animals or mythical creatures

Becoming a furious giant monkey (to help face tougher foes) 

His staff can expand and contract at will 

Spells that hold your opponents in one place 

There are several more that we might have missed and many more abilities of Wukong Game Science might have not been revealed, but as we get more information, we’ll be sure to note them down. We are truly excited about the game, as the trailer and gameplay design were quite interesting and definitely pack a unique idea for an open world game!

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