TFword Premiere: Jayhaan – Can’t Anymore

From the diverse Mumbai-based producer’s third edition of his Jadibooty series, we are stoked to premiere the dreamy ‘Can’t Anymore’.

With a wide range of styles in his repertoire, Jayhaan is a Mumbai-based producer known for delivering high-energy Jersey Club and Trap numbers. His ability to blend Bollywood classics with his foot-tapping brand of music makes him one of the most diverse producers in the country.

Jayhaan is also credited as the pioneer of the Desi jersey club movement. One peep into his Bandcamp page, and you will find yourself in a rabbit hole of mouthwatering club-ready edits of some Bollywood hits like ‘Mast Kalandar,’ ‘Glassy,’ ‘Jiya Jale’ and many more. If you are a DJ who likes the idea of dropping the odd crowd-stirring bomb in your sets, you now know where to go.

His music has been championed by some big names in the Asian Underground space like Yung Singh, Manara, and Gracie T; who have dropped his bouncy curveballs on the biggest stages like Boiler Room and Mixmag’s In The Lab sessions.

Along with his solo excursions, Jayhaan also runs a record label called Ghelo, where he has released his trademark Desi Jersey club material. The label has also seen him release two albums so far; Jadibooty in 2020 and Jadibooty 2 in the following year. His Jadibooty series has featured names like Fake Tattoos, Smg, Pooja Gaitonde, and Prasad Gaitonde.

After releasing a series dancefloor edits this year featuring his classic Bollywood style, Jayhaan is now all set to release the third edition of his Jadibooty series. Like the previous editions, you can expect numerous styles being dished out along with a some renowned and prodigious names in the Indian electronic music circuit.

We are kicking off the the third edition of Jayhaan’s Jadibooty series with the premiere of the dreamy and moody number ‘Can’t Anymore’ which features vocal samples from KSHMR’s sample pack. Starting with a melodic intro featuring melancholic vocal samples, the tune approaches the drop and gives us a dash of the desi flavors Jayhaan has been championing since his debut. Jadibooty 3 promises to be yet another exhibition of the finest desi jersey club music, which is only getting bigger and better with every passing year.

Buy/Stream ‘Can’t Anymore’ – HERE

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