Space Exploration Games For Sci-Fi and Space Fiction Lovers

We’ve all wondered what happens deep in space, and we may never know everything about the universe in our lifetimes. However, when game developers put out a game that explores vast planets, alien lifeforms, and SPACESHIPS, it’s a treat! For this week, we have compiled a list of top-tier space exploration games that you should try.

We’ve got so many games that are set during a dystopian era like Last of Us, a zombie apocalypse running rampant, and even in aquatic settings for games like Subnautica. After looking at the entire genre of space exploration games, there are so many that are looked upon. 

No Man’s Sky 

After having a rough launch back in 2016 due to the game not living up to many players’ expectations, No Man’s Sky has slowly but steadily become of the most iconic space exploration video games you will be able to purchase. 

The game has had patch notes upon patch notes that gave us more ships, more alien life on visited and uncharted planets, more missions that extended the story, and major lore updates, along with some base upgrades! 

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The gameplay is all about gathering supplies and materials that help upgrade your suit, base and your ship. Doing so will help you gain units, nanites, or quicksilver that allow you to purchase in-game cosmetics, ships, freighters, and a lot more for personal customization. No Man’s Sky is ever-evolving with new ships, extended storylines, and an ever growing solar system that you need to explore with friends. 

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EVE Online 

EVE Online is another MMORPG that is constantly compared to No Man’s Sky. Much like No Man’s Sky, players can fly around in cool spaceships, upgrade their suits, sell items they find, and even play the story of the game. 

There are a total of five main activities you can do in EVE Online. One that’s default is Mission Running, which goes side-by-side with the story, and is an easy way to earn some quick cash. Second is Explore the Cosmos, in which players use scanning probes to locate cosmic signatures in the galaxy that lead them to hackable containers that can contain rare items like gas clouds, ores, and even NPCs that drop resources you can brag about. 

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The other three are Mining and Manufacturing, Hauling and Market Arbitrage (quite similar to trading items) and obviously open-world Player vs Player. We all love intergalactic travel, and EVE Online delivers a stellar open-world experience in space that you should not miss out on! 

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Star Conflict 

Listed on Steam as a free game since February 27, 2014, Star Conflict has everything from open-world exploration to PvP fights in space and PvE interactions that keep you on your feet. The game revolves around spaceships and aerial combat, even featuring a battle royale mode that takes place in deep space. 

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In Star Conflict, players can choose from four different types of spaceships that specialize in things like speed, durability, fire power, and maneuverability. Below are all the ships players can get their hands on: 

Interceptors – Smallest but really fast spaceships with very good maneuverability. It’s three primary roles: EMC (electromagnetically compatible) Ships, Recon Missions (surveillance), and Covert Operations (stealth). 

Fighters – Slightly bigger and can take more damage than the Interceptors, but slower due to it carrying more fire power. Fights as Command Ships, Tacklers, and Gunships. 

Frigates – The second biggest ship in the game with advanced defensive systems, superior fire power than most; usually used as Engineering Ships, Long Range Ships, and Guard Ships.

Destroyers – Compared to all the other ships above, Destroyers are far superior in firepower and defense but lack speed and maneuverability. Depending on the model you choose, you can decide to equip and use 2 – 8 guns simultaneously with added access to turrets that, if damaged, can be disabled.

Star Citizen 

As of now, not many space simulators are all that great, and none can really keep up with Star Citizen, even though the game is still under development! The first-person shooter was first announced on October 18, 2012, with a successful Kickstarter campaign that gathered a total of $2 million, which later in 2021 became one of the highest ever crowdfunded games, coming in at $400 million.

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Although the game hasn’t yet been officially released, you can play a beta version of Star Citizen that has new frequent content updates, fixed bugs, and new player modes. If you love the thought of space travel, you are going to be in awe after experiencing Star Citizen gameplay.

Hanger Module: After buying or claiming your spaceship, you can spend a few bucks and modify your ship and interact with the ship’s AI and controls. However, you will not be able to fly it. 

Arena Commander: Would you like to try a simulation inside a simulation? Well, Arena Commander is just that, letting players take part in either single or multiplayer combat scenarios like free flying, dogfighting, and ship racing. 

Star Marine: Star Marine is an event-like game-mode within the game in which players can take part in either a one-for-all death match or a Capture The Flag type of game called ‘Last Stand.’ 

Persistent Universe: The Persistent Universe in Star Citizen is where all players of the game usually reside. There are many activities to do that help you earn quick money, like piracy, small missions, and even cargo delivery. 

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Star Citizen is a really big game with so many things to do and so much to explore. Players can team up with their friends to complete missions and explore the universe together. It’s a game you wouldn’t want to miss out on! 

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