TF Spotlight: Noiyse Project’s Riveting Sonics

The Sri Lankan house music virtuoso sat down with us for a chat about his journey, the progression of his sound, the Sri Lankan electronic music scene and lots more.

Hailing from the tropical lands of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Noiyse Project is a house music producer making some serious waves in the global house scene.  Combining rich melodic soundscapes with deep and gritty basslines, Noiyse Project is arguably the finest house music export from the island nation.

After being a house and techno music fan, Noiyse Project started diving deep into music production. After a series of experiments, he made progressive house his primary genre. His profound and driving sound has earned him plaudits from across the house music scene, with his recent tune ‘Metanoia’ hitting the top of Beatport charts being further testament to this. Along with releasing his music on the best house music labels, he also owns an imprint of his own called Till the Sunrise Records.

Taking time out from his hectic tour and release schedule, Noiyse Project sat down with us to tell us more about his journey, his unique sound, his upcoming music and more.

How did the Noiyse Project journey begin?

Noiyse Project: I started producing music as NOIYSE PROJECT in early 2018, and I’m very proud to say that I learned alone and grew up alone by self-learning for these 3 years. My first gig as NOIYSE PROJECT was warming up for Guy J in 2018. When I was starting up in this music industry, I had one of my good friends with me to give the birth to NOIYSE PROJECT, and later, he could not be a part of this owing to his busy schedule. I take this chance to thank him for his influence and for being there in the beginning!

If we talk about what made me get into music, that is a different story. As Photographer and a designer, I had a very tough and busy lifestyle and I’m still running with them, and I always found my relaxation in music. Especially deep progressive house and underground music could make my mind calm and I could get my mind into a calm place, with the sounds of them.

One day, I thought why I don’t try to make music like this as a hobby, just to make my stressful head calm down. Then I tried the DAW (FL studio) and made some tracks and sounds until I felt satisfied. Then I started experimenting and researching record labels, how we sign our tracks to labels, and how can we release our tracks in digital stores.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have failed about 60+ tracks just to finish one single good track to sign into a label, and the best thing is, I didn’t want to be an artist or a DJ, I just wanted to give out the music that I make to calm and relax, to the rest of the world and share them with others, and I didn’t expect any comments or feedbacks for them. That is why I have not used any pictures of mine but only the logo on my page in the years 2018/19.

Having dabbled with a number of styles and techniques, how would you like to define your sound?

Noiyse Project: To put it simply, I would say my sounds are groovy. I always wanted to make track with drive and dynamic percussion sounds and bass lines. Even when I perform my sets, I keep maintaining the drive in my tracks and keep the energy of the floor at the same level until my set ends. Since I started producing, I tried to keep a unique sound for myself.

Your recent single ‘Metanoia’ hit the top of Beatport charts. How would you like to describe the experience while writing the tune and the response it has received?

Noiyse Project: Metanoia is one of my favorite tracks so far and the track was one of the series of experiments that I was working on during that time. So ‘Metanoia’ was a track like that and I thought of releasing it on my own label instead of running behind others it paid off. The track was #1 on Beatport and it proved that rejection isn’t a reason to step down. This track got so much support from all around the world and I dropped it about 4 times at local and international gigs and the audience response was amazing.

Who were your biggest inspirations when you started producing music?

Noiyse Project: Out of electronic dance music, Freddie Mercury was my biggest inspiration to be a performer and he gave me that feeling you should perform with your talent to the whole world. When it comes to Electronic music, Avicii, Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren have been my inspirations.

You have been a pivotal part of Sri Lanka’s modern-day electronic music scene. Barring the situation at the moment, how do you think the scene has progressed since you got into it?

Noiyse Project: Sri Lanka had a few separate generations that loved different genres in those certain times and speaking from a progressive house perspective, It wasn’t that big in Sri Lanka. But today it has become the most demanded genre in the county and more and more fans are associating themselves with the underground scene with every passing day.

This makes me really happy and in the last few years, many Sri Lankan producers have received international recognition and I see that as a good sign for our industry.

A little sneak peek into what we can expect from Noiyse Project with his music?

Noiyse Project: Every month, I will be releasing a track on my own record label, Till the sunrise and so many international gigs are there to be announced, and a few remixes are coming up as well which I have done for some well-known names in the scene.

5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?

Noiyse Project: Queen – Love Of My Life
London Grammar – Strong
Ben Böhmer – Breathing
Guy J – Last One Standing
And my own track Alive which came out last November!

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