Bass Music Duo Ivy Lab Announces New Album

The eclectic duo known for their bold and experimental brand of bass music has announced their 2nd studio album with a tune called ‘Balaclava’.

A collaborative project of North London-based producers Sabre and Stray, Ivy Lab is the epitome of futuristic and avant-garde music. Originally starting out as a trio that included Halogenix, Ivy Lab’s primary focus was liquid drum & bass and styles around it, before changing their game to experiment with halftime drum & bass. One thing led to another and soon after, Ivy Lab was at the forefront of the experimental bass music landscape, blending several genres to create their own unique style.

Finding themselves at the apex of hip-hop inspired future halftime and future beats, Ivy Lab released a string of groundbreaking music on Kasra’s Critical Music before starting their own label 20/20 LDN Recordings. Since the label’s inception, Ivy Lab has released nearly all of their music on 20/20 LDN barring a handful of releases on labels like Deadbeats, Never Say Die, Brainfeeder and Critical Music.

Leading the charge of their future beats movement, the duo invested further in the exploration of their innovative sound with the creation of their ‘20/20 LDN’ club night where they invite the best and the most promising talents from the scene.

They released their debut album titled ‘Death Don’t Always Taste Good’ in 2018, which was a showcase of their foundational sounds coupled with their penchant for spaced out melodies. The album further attested Ivy Lab’s anchoring presence as the chief purveyors of cutting edge bass music. Four years after their debut album, Ivy Lab has announced its second studio album called ‘Infinite Falling Ground,’ which they say is their most expansive body of work, to date.

Written over the last six months, they have also teamed up with audio-visual artist Lakehills with the creativity and experience they say compliments their haunting narrative of the forthcoming album. To give us an early glimpse of what’s to follow, the duo has released the first single from the album called ‘Balaclava’.  

Speaking about the tune, Ivy Lab state, “Balaclava is the calling card for the whole project. It’s the centre ground amongst all the different cultural, emotional and sonic touchstones we’ve ended up navigating between across the LP. It’s sombre, uplifting, arrogant and needy all at the same time. She sings ‘I offer you my sweet devotion’ but I don’t think she really means it.⁣

The duo has also announced an audio-visual tour following the release of their album. If the pioneering lengths of their last album is anything to go by, we’re certain to receive an aural treat from Ivy Lab.

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