Get To Know: AVAION’s Dazzling Melodies

In anticipation of the German multi-instrumentalist’s chat with us, we are listing some reasons why you should pay attention to AVAION’s music.

It all started when a teenage boy with a dream of mesmerizing people with his music began his journey, and in no time, AVAION has secured his place at the forefront of dance music. Deep, intense melodies entwined with futuristic basslines, the German producer’s music feels like magic when you plug into it.

Within a short period of time, AVAION’s music has topped several music charts across nine countries, receiving millions of streams on his captivating music; and his ‘Jam Sessions’ online have benefited many budding producers.

After starting 2022 with ‘Lies’ followed by a series of spellbinding tunes, we spoke with AVAION about his music, his music videos, and lots more; but before we bring you this exclusive interview, we are listing some reasons why the German producer stands out as one of the best young producers in dance music.


Of the numerous accolades AVAION has received since his debut, his platinum award for his 2020 single, ‘Pieces’ tops them all. The track has received over 30 million streams across all platforms, leading to it being platinum-listed in South Africa. The pensive mood of the track evokes numerous emotions, a testament to AVAION’s unique style of writing music.


The sheer depth and musical richness of AVAION’s music set him apart from the prodigies. Some even place him on par with some elite musical talents in dance music. Looking back at how his journey began, it is not hard to know why AVAION’s music is so revered. The multi-instrumentalist’s father and grandfather were both musicians, which led him to dive deep into music and create a visionary path of his own. At a very young age, AVAION learned instruments like the keyboard, piano, and guitar; and the results are evident in his melancholic sounds.


AVAION is at a point where he can travel practically anywhere stylistically; and his distinctive mix of electronic, danceable beats and atmospherics is complimented by his absorbing music. AVAION’s hits like ‘Fallin,’ ‘Lies,’ his latest single ‘Keep On Dancing,’ and his biggest hit ‘Pieces’ have a retro and melancholic undercurrent, making them all an intense watch. So, next time AVAION releases music, do not miss out on the video because it is bound to be a work of art.

Now that you know what AVAION is all about, keep it locked for his interview where he speaks about his hypnotizing music and more!

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