A Look Into Baltra’s Cinematic Soundscapes

In anticipation of his debut 3-city India tour, we take closer look into Baltra’s riveting and emotional house and breakbeat music.

There are two ways to look at New York City-based Michael Baltra aka Baltra’s music; if you are in a happy place, his music will raise your serotonin levels off the roof, but if find yourself in a bad place, then Baltra’s music will lift from the deepest of dungeons that you might be in. Raised in Philadelphia and now based in New York, Baltra’s musical genius puts him on top of the lo-fi house explosion which has taken over festivals, clubs and music playlists.

Baltra’s strength lies in making synth-laden house and breakbeat music which features warm, nostalgic melodies with bittersweet vocal samples; but the most important aspect of his music is the simplicity and the effectiveness of it.

Baltra also owns a label called 96 And Forever, and so far he has released three studio albums with the most recent one coming in 2021. The American is now prepping for his debut India tour which will begin from Kolkata and conclude at Events and Design Company, Maushi’s MAUSHI DAY x SOCIAL DAY festival. So, we are listing some tracks from Baltra that will a) make your day brighter and b) make you want to catch him live next weekend.


Starting with our undisputed Baltra favorite tune which he released last year. When you listen to this tune, you will know why his music will raise your serotonin levels; it’s happy, it’s warm, and it’s fuzzy. Released on Danny Howard’s Nothing Else Matters imprint, the tune’s lush piano melodies, powerful synth patterns and the bouncing bassline make this track an unmissable summertime hit.


This track will assert why Baltra is one known as one of the most innovative producers to come of the lo-fi house scene. The deep and funky grooves coupled with his penchant for breathtaking cinematics form the perfect recipe for a beautiful beach day while having this track on repeat in the background.


This track is where Baltra explores the nuances of electronic music with its meticulously woven melodies and engulfing atmospheres that traverse through the spine-tingling atmospheres of couch music and the euphoria of the dancefloor. The track is also accompanied by a video that shows Bogota, Colombia between 1990-2000 and the house parties in Medellín.


Remember why we keep saying Baltra’s music is the soul lifting spirit you need in your darkest times? this track will tell you why. Keeping the aesthetics of the original, Baltra played with Jaded’s gritty textures while adding his trademark cinematic touch and flipped the original into an absolute jewel.


We end the list with the best track from Baltra’s insanely powerful remixing abilities. Using Appleby’s softened tones, luscious pianos and playful drums, Baltra’s rework glides on top of the original and injects a positivity throughout the track’s soundscapes.

With this selection, we hope that we have given you enough reasons to catch Baltra’s shows and experience a musical paradise like no other.

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