Popular Artists and Their Collaborations With Lifestyle Brands

Artists are creators who find ways to express themselves in multiple avenues, even outside of music. Music, fashion, and lifestyle have become closely interconnected, bringing artists and fashion houses closer to their fans. Clothing and apparel selling out in hours, unique fashion concepts, and high-profile collaborations have become a mainstay with musicians at the forefront. While some artists create their own brands, others prefer to work in partnership with established designer brands.

We look at some of the biggest names in music and their affiliations with fashion houses and lifestyle brands –

BTS and Louis Vitton

The announcement that K-pop sensation boy group BTS had become brand ambassadors of French luxury fashion house Louis Vitton sent K-pop fans into a frenzy. This announcement was a follow-up to BTS’s appearance at the Grammys in 2021, dressed entirely in custom-made Louis Vitton clothing. These outfits, worn during their performance of ‘Dynamite’, were later auctioned off for $160,000 at a charity auction hosted by the MusiCares Charity.

The Art Bunker B39, an art and culture space in Seoul, South Korea, hosted Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Show. The BTS members can be seen throughout the five-story building, with other models displaying the collection in a since-released short film.

Lizzo and Quay

Lizzo X Quay

Singer, songwriter, and now Emmy award winner Melissa Viviane Jefferson, best known as Lizzo, collaborated with Australian eyewear company Quay in May 2020 to launch an eyewear collection that included sunglasses, eyeglasses, and accessories. Eyewear was priced at USD 55 onwards, and Quay also partnered with Feeding America to give back to those in need. The brand would donate one meal for every purchase made back then. Lizzo returned to Quay for a second collaboration to promote voter registration in August 2020.

Lil Nas X and MSCHF

From composer Beethoven, violinist Paganini, and blues singer and guitarist Robert Johnson to countless musicians and artists who have been said to have sold their souls to the devil, music has had a long relationship with the devil. Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X, did no favors to this notion when, in 2021, he and an art collective MSCHF launched Satan Shoe.

From minute 5 onwards, Lil Nas X reveals his Satan shoe.

666 pairs of these limited edition sneakers were produced, costing USD 1,018 each. The price 1,018 is also a reference to the bible verse in Luke 10:28, which reads, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” It took under a minute for all these pairs to sell out, reports CNN. Along with pentagrams on each shoe and an upside-down cross on the box, the shoe contains 60ml of ink and a drop of human blood inside its sole.

After being embroiled in controversy, Nas later posted an apology video, though it cuts into snippets of his song ‘Montero (Call Me By Your Name)’. The Satan shoes were refurbished Nike Air Max 97s, for which Nike filed a lawsuit against MSCHF.

Justin Bieber and Crocs


Grammy winner and pop sensation Justin Bieber established his clothing and lifestyle brand Drew House in 2018, which harbors a selection of clothing and accessories. Bieber’s fascination with crocs led to collaborations with the footwear brand in 2020. Drew House and Crocs customized a unique range of yellow-colored crocs styled with a pizza slice, teddy bear, daises, and the Drew House logo.

Each purchase was accompanied by a pair of Drew House socks. The collection, which cost USD 60 per pair, sold out in ninety minutes. Beiber’s second collaboration with Crocs, in 2021, added a lavender color and was priced at USD 69.99 per pair.

Justin Bieber recently made headlines for taking a break from his Justice World Tour to focus on his health. This news follows his recent partial facial paralysis as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare neurological disorder. At the time of writing, his performance in New Delhi, India, is still scheduled for October 18.

Harry Styles and Gucci

Singer, songwriter, and actor Harry Styles has appeared in several campaigns for the luxury brand Gucci. When not on stage, pausing concerts to help fans propose to their partnersand doing baby gender reveals, Harry has maintained his close relationship with Gucci creative designer Alessandro Michele.


In June 2022, this creative duo collaborated on designing a Gucci collection HA HA HA, a play on both of their names and text exchanges. Gucci describes the works as “a collection that represents the landing place of an inventive two-person journey, the synthesis of a friendship between Gucci’s Creative Director, Alessandro Michele, and the British singer-songwriter and actor, Harry Styles.” The entire collection will be available in October 2022, with prices to be announced later.

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