TFword in Conversation With AVAION

The German multi-instrumentalist had a chat with us about his platinum award, his inspirations, upcoming music and lots more.

A journey that began as a boy with a dream, is a platinum award winner today; German producer, AVAION’s ascension as a top international act is fascinating. Growing up in a family of musical talents with his grandfather and father both being musicians, AVAION’s penchant for soul-stirring melodies started at a young age.

Utilizing the myriad of influences right from his childhood, AVAION started making music after familiarizing himself with Germany’s music scene. He made his debut in 2018 and the following year saw him take over the electronic music scene, and assert himself as one of the finest young talents in the game.

His debut single landed AVAION numerous awards, with the biggest of them all being the platinum award which he won in South Africa. Eclectic and experimental in equal measure, AVAION’s explosion has known no stopping, and since his debut, he has delivered many charting singles, accompanied by intriguing music videos.

Following another successful run of releases this year, we were keen to know the German producer’s thoughts on his music, his platinum award, his music videos and his inspirations; and here is what he had to say.

Hey AVAION, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you?

AVAION: I’m doing pretty good! Focusing a lot on myself right now, having a little dopamine detox and focusing more on meditation and healthy stuff.

From a kid with a dream to a platinum award holder; how would you like to describe the AVAION journey?

AVAION: It’s been a really intense journey but in a positive way. Even though times were a little hard, sometimes the journey is the goal. I love doing what I do, and I enjoy it even more day by day the bigger this whole thing gets.

We also read that your father and your grandfather were musicians as well. How much of an influence did they have in shaping your sound?

AVAION: They both had a huge influence in what I do now. I remember that as a kid I always enjoyed listening to my grandpa when he played instruments. It was such a huge impact on me, so I knew I also wanted make music. Bigger than ever before in my family!

‘Pieces,’ of course, is your most successful track yet, but which is another track that you thoroughly enjoyed writing?

AVAION: One of my favorites is Sleepless. I can listen to it on and on, and I’m never getting tired of it. I’m so proud of what we created with this song. We made this song in a song-writing camp in Berlin.

When we listened to the finished track we all looked at each other and knew we made something special.

A lot of your music came during the outset of the pandemic. Do you think the long isolation periods helped you find space and enhanced your creativity?

AVAION: Yes, but also no [laughs]. Yes, I had a lot more time to focus on writing new songs but the whole situation in the world was so depressing. I missed going out, playing shows or just meeting my friends. All of this was really hard for me, and I think for every other person.

The lack of joy was a creativity killer, so it was a little harder to stay productive during this times. I used making music as a gateway to make myself feel better. A lot of the songs that are released right now of me are produced and written in the lockdown times.

We love how there is a retro and melancholic feel to your music videos, especially ‘Keep On Dancing’. Can you tell us a little more about the thought process behind them?

AVAION: I love the whole process of making the music videos. My video guys are really good friends of mine and I always enjoy hanging around with those guys. We normally sit down together and brainstorm about Ideas for the video. It’s always a really creative and fun process and I enjoy being part of it.

What are AVAION’s tour essentials?

AVAION: I ALWAYS bring my pillow with me everywhere I travel. It’s a mind hack trick of mine because you trick your brain into thinking that you sleep in your own bed at home because you are used to the pillow and to the smell of it.

I also take my MacBook everywhere I go.

If there is any other genre that you would make other than your stand-out sound, what would it be?

AVAION: I always experiment a lot with genres, and I really enjoy doing that. I think in the near future I will keep on trying out different genres and mixing them up to my own style.

What’s coming up next for AVAION?

AVAION: A new song is ready, and I can’t wait to present it to the world. I think this one will make huge positive impact in my career and I’m so ready for it. Hope you enjoy too!

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