Controversy Surrounds GORDO After Ministry of Sound Show

Controversy unfolded at the Ministry Of Sound club in London when a couple of DJs couldn’t play during their slots as the headliner refused to leave the console.

The legendary Ministry Of Sound club in London experienced unsavory scenes on Saturday, September 17, when house music producer GORDO refused to come off stage, leading to the closing DJs missing their respective sets. Formerly known as Carnage for his dubstep exploits, the Guatemalan-American DJ and record producer changed his alias to GORDO to produce house and techno music.

GORDO is famously known for producing six songs in Drake’s latest house music influenced album ‘Honestly Nevermind’. After seeing his artist profile sky rocket in the last year, GORDO took over the Ministry Of Sound, along with British DJs Waze and Essel who were slated to close the night for him. However, GORDO refused to come off the decks and played for over 3 hours leaving Waze and Essel perplexed for the rest of the night.

The incident was taken to social media the morning after by Waze and Essel, speaking about the incident, Waze said “Headline DJ refused to come off last night and the 2 acts after him (me and another DJ) lost our sets. I’m over a decade of playing I’ve honestly never seen this level of entitlement or arrogance and I’ve DJed with way bigger (and better) artists.”

Essel had her say on her Instagram handle and she stated “Yesterday I drove 10 hours to do my first set in the main room of ministry of sound. I spent 6 hours curating playlists as this was a massive deal for me. My set time was 5-6am in the box and I had friends there and people who had come down just to support. I got to the club at 4am and was told Gordo/ CARNAGE had refused to come off set leaving the artist before me waiting around.”

After numerous controversies that he was in the middle of as Carnage, he now finds his new alias in hot water for the first time since the switch. GORDO is yet to comment on the incident.

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