9 Venues in Delhi Offering The Ultimate Nightlife Experience

If you’re on the hunt for a live music experience like no other in India’s beating heart and capital city, Delhi, look no further than the venues on this list! From independent musicians to hip hops finest, each venue features a variety of the country’s freshest talent and packs food and beverage menus that are well-loved.

India’s capital city is truly the country’s beating heart, home to a variety of experiences and hot-spots of all kinds. Delhi is also known to be one of India’s nightlife mainstays, with parties trickling into early morning hours as the weekend comes in.

There’s always somewhere to be when the sun goes down in Delhi, so understandably, picking your venue for the night is no easy task! We have compiled a list of nine venues, each offering its own unique experiences; whether you’re in the mood for a sultry fine-dine accompanied by tasteful music, or a raging rooftop party complete with a top-notch DJ and artist line-up, we’ve got you covered.

Kitty Su, The LaLit

Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10 PM to 1 AM


Kitty Su promises a night of opulence and luxury, with carefully curated events that are as inclusive as they are magnificent. One of its five locations across Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and Bangalore, Kitty Su, Delhi, first opened its doors in 2011; quickly becoming known as an upscale club that is a “multi-level state-of-the-art shrine of aesthetic innovation, opulence & music.” A highlight of the venue is its superior sound and lighting system, notably “in sync with The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group’s reputation of style & urbanity.”

At Kitty Su, patrons can expect no less than a grandiose night of music, food & beverages, and company, set against a tastefully furnished palette of wooden and earthy tones, accented by erotic sculptures from India’s Khajuraho group of temples. Founded by LGBTQIA+ activist Keshav Suri, the club prides itself on its queer-friendly atmosphere, and frequently hosts themed events, becoming a frequently-visited spot for Delhi’s queer community. Kitty Su, Delhi was awarded ‘Best Night Club in Delhi’ by Times Food and Nightlife Awards in 2015, with GQ listing the venue as part of its ‘Six Best Nightclubs To Visit’ list.

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On the menu, guests can expect a staggering selection of local and international liquor, along with appetizers and mains of Asian, Italian, and Mexican influence. Visitors can also opt for the club’s exclusive pick-up and drop-off services, an initiative put in place to minimize and discourage driving under the influence. If a truly VIP experience is what you’re looking for, Kitty Su’s exclusive A-List area, ‘The List’ is bound to catch your eye. Offering its own bar and DJ console, a myriad of premium alcohol, and furnishings to match, ‘The List’ promises luxury for those who seek out only the best.

Find Kitty Su Online: Kitty Su Official Website | Instagram

Summer House Cafe, Hauz Khas

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 PM to 1 AM


Situated in Delhi’s bustling Hauz Khas area, Summer House Cafe is one of the city’s most-loved live event spots! The two-level indoor-outdoor venue boasts laidback interiors meant to feel like an oasis in the center of Delhi’s livelihood, an idea brought to fruition by founder Ricky Teja after a vacation at one particularly inspiring summer house. Delhi’s Summer House has since hosted some of the country’s finest musicians, becoming a staple for music and live culture aficionados across the city.

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Apart from its jam-packed line-ups night after night, Summer House Cafe is also famed for its selection of food and handcrafted cocktails. Patrons regularly praise the venue’s ability to elevate their dining experience to match and sometimes even exceed the musical offerings of the night. The menu packs North Indian, Asian and Continental selections of appetizers, mains, sharing plates and a whopping variety of between-breads, soups & salads and pasta and pizzas.

Summer House Cafe regularly collaborates with local and international organizers, promoters and talent to curate one-of-a-kind events nightly. In addition to this multi-genre approach to their programming, the venue also hosts dance workshops and Open Mics, making for a truly interactive experience for those attending! Most noteworthy and a must-mention at Summer House is its custom-made bar, crafted out of the shell of an old van!

Find Summer House Cafe Online: Summer House Cafe Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

Toy Room, Aloft Hotel, Aerocity

Opening Hours: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 10:30 PM to 4 AM


“Quite ‘Frankly’ an exclusive haunt for the Arts and Fashion, hosting Hip hop and R&B DJ nights,” Toy Room, Delhi is one of the London nightclub’s nine locations across the globe, namely the British capital itself, along with Dubai, Mykonos, Istanbul, Rome, São Paulo, Athens, and Mumbai. Patrons can expect to see Toy Room’s life-size plushie mascot, Frank, on any given night, with the club’s interiors also accented by a smaller variety of stuffed toys and quirky neon signs. Guests will spot “iconic children’s toys, fictional characters, comic book illustrations, contemporary popular media, celebrity lifestyle, and the counterculture of graffiti,” as part of Toy Room, Delhi‘s global aesthetic.

The venue has become known for its extensive bar menu and delightful offering of finger foods and bar foods. In keeping with club culture, as the night carries on, the energy amps up, making it ideal for patrons to help themselves to foods that are easier to pair with a drink and dancing.

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With Toy Room open three days of the week, expect careful programming for each of these days, with Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays dedicated to disco, world music, reggae, Latin and Bollywood music, and even themed events such as masquerade parties, with hip-hop and R&B being a mainstay at the venue.

Find Toy Room, Delhi Online: Toy Room Delhi Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

Raasta, Green Park

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 PM to 1 AM


A Caribbean-influenced pillar in Delhi’s live events scene, Raasta, Delhi, frequenters will tell you much about intensely musical nights they’ve experienced here. Rightly so, the venue regards itself for its multi-genre programming, highlighting independent and mainstream artists alike. At Raasta, find yourself deciding between indoor or outdoor seating, or head to one of the spots under their outdoor gazebo, a white wood overhead under Delhi’s sunny skies during the day, and a garden-by-night vibe complete with a latticed view of the stars.

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Raasta pays tribute to legends in music, from Jimmy Cliff to Bob Marley, an influence that can be seen in the venue’s furnishing and art selections, as well as their menu. A fusion of Caribbean and Indian flavors, Raasta offers a unique choice of appetizers, mains and sharing plates. In conversation with India Food Network, co-owners Singh and Kundal state that the Indian and Caribbean palates are quite similar, owing to the menu at Raasta being crafted accordingly. They noted, “Our simple dal chawal is called dal bhaat there. This happened because of a lot of Indian, Asian and African settlements, shifted to the Caribbean islands. So their cuisine is more like world cuisine. As far as alcohol is concerned, they are very heavy on rum, so our cocktails also have a healthy splash in them. Launching the Bongtails was our way of making sure we could incorporate that element somewhere.”

A highlight on the bar menu has to be Raasta’s Bongtails, 500 ML handcrafted cocktails served in bongs exclusively at the venue. There is bound to be a bit of rum in most of Raasta’s cocktails, making for a rather unique blend in each offering. The venue has also given equal love to its non-alcoholic menu, making it so that the designated driver also has a delightfully safe drink in-hand!

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While reggae takes center-stage at Raasta, the venue also hosts artists within a variety of other genres. Patrons can expect to see their favorite singer/songwriters, rappers, DJs, and dance, DnB, electronica and underground artists. Along with their noteworthy programming, Raasta also Salsa and karaoke nights weekly; Ladies Night is every Sunday, and boasts drinks on the house for all women attending!

Find Raasta, Delhi Online: Instagram | Facebook

The Piano Man Jazz Club, Safdarjung Enclave

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 1 PM to 1 AM


Primarily a live music venue, The Piano Man Jazz Club is a pub-style cornerstone to Delhi’s pulsing talent pool. Described as a “concept bar focusing primarily on music,” TPM Jazz Club intends to “carve a niche in supporting musicians and foster the live music scene.” With nightly performances from jazz musicians, independent artists and comedians, the venue aim to bring deserving talent to the forefront of Delhi’s live scene.

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Not only are TPM Jazz Club’s events memorably musical, but their menu is also equally impressive! Patrons don’t shy away from ordering up hearty servings of wood-fired pizzas, paired with delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers. The bar menu odes to eras and areas of the past, namely the French Quarters and the Prohibition Era, with cocktails and liquors offered accordingly.

The Piano Man Jazz Club promises the best of independent jazz music, although it is not limited to this. Be sure to catch your favorite stand-up comedian live at the venue soon, if you haven’t already, with TPM Jazz Club being a frequented spot for upcoming and well-known comedians alike. If you want a night of laidback lounging against tastefully curated live music performances, The Piano Man Jazz Club is a must-visit if you haven’t been yet!

Find The Piano Man Jazz Club Online: The Piano Man Jazz Club Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

Auro Kitchen & Bar, Hauz Khas

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 PM to 1 AM


Another mainstay live performance venue in Delhi, beloved by music enthusiasts across the city, Auro Kitchen & Bar takes its name from Aurobindo Market, the locality it sits comfortably in. For those who want to experience a night of good music and delicious food but can’t do without Delhi’s pulsing rhythm in the backdrop, Auro provides in kind. The rooftop venue offers a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, with its main stage in the roofed section. The outdoor bar has been constructed using an old shipping container, noteworthy against the venue’s wooden tones and warm lighting!

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Auro has seen a myriad of Indian and international artists, constantly in collaboration with some of the country’s best labels to program a night unique to those before. Auro has also hosted some of India’s finest electronic musicians, including techno veterans Arjun Vagale and Tuhin Mehta.

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Dining at Auro Kitchen & Bar sees patrons help themselves to a lavish spread of Continental, Italian and regionally inspired dishes with an Anglo-Indian feel. Most popular on the menu are dishes that are refined versions of Indian favorites, namely the Sali Boti (a slow-cooked Parsi mutton curry) and the Haleem (a paste-like meat and lentil stew). Auro also has a wide range of local and international liquor, along with a rich offering of handcrafted cocktails.

Fine Auro Kitchen & Bar Online: Auro Kitchen & Bar Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

Hauz Khas Social

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 PM to 1 AM


Of the numerous Social outlets across India, Hauz Khas Social is definitely one of the best! A café and co-working space by day and ultimate live event hotspot by night, Social is easily the city’s go-to for all things live entertainment. Keeping to their furnishing and ambience standards, the Hauz Khas outlet features an eclectic selection of seating, rugged and exposed walls and ceilings, with pops of color in the décor. The venue overlooks Hauz Khas lake, making for a uniquely serene experience on every visit.

On the menu, most-loved are Social’s breakfast options, ranging from Indian to Continental and available in single servings or breakfast trays. The menu also has scrumptious appetizers, mains, sharing plates, soups & salads, as well as Tandoori (an Indian method of cooking meat or vegetables on a spit in a tandoor) pizzas, and veg and meat. Social’s menu is extensive, to say the least, because the list does not end here! The venue also offers lunch meals and biryanis, rolls and make-your-own Chinese bowls, and equally exciting dessert and non-alcoholic options. On the drinks menu, be sure to catch Social’s signature cocktails, highly rated by patrons across the country, namely their LIIT, available in 500 ML and 1 liter servings.

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Social Hauz Khas, as with other Social outlets, regularly collaborates with some of the country’s biggest and best labels and artists, boasting an event calendar that is vast and heavily genre-neutral. However, Social’s mainstays are mainly electronic, hip hop, and underground artists from both the Indian and international scenes. The venue also has frequent sports screenings, pop-ups and art workshops, along with being a primary choice for artists touring in India!

Find Hauz Khas Social Online: Hauz Khas Social Official Website | Instagram | Facebook

Molecule Air Bar, Green Park

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 12 PM to 1 AM


Sprawled across two levels of indoor-outdoor exuberance, Molecule Air Bar offers patrons a neon-tinted night of some seriously enriching live events! The lower level at Molecule Air Bar is indoors, and features luxurious upholstery and warm lighting against glossy marble and dark wooden tones. The upper level is open-air, and has been furnished with a bit more quirk; black & white stripes along the floors match with the upholstery, accented with wrought iron furniture, bright neon custom signs and potted plants.

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Molecule Air Bar offers North Indian, Asian and European dining, from sushi selections, Thai preparations, and dim sums and baos, to risottos, lamb and pork dishes and dhaba-style dals and curries (dhabas are Indian roadside restaurants that are mainly known to serve Punjabi food). The bar menu starts you off with Molecule’s signature cocktails, eight options for each alphabet in the venue’s name, with the eighth one being ‘Your Mood Your Cocktail,’ allowing for careful customization. Patrons can also opt for Molecule Air Bar’s sangrias or LIITs, or head straight to their hard liquor choices, including Japanese malts and an extensive list of house and international wines.

The venue has hosted a hefty list of singer/songwriters, bands, and instrumentalists, from Indian rock band Indian Ocean and Punjabi singer Deep Money, to Indian composer & singer Bismil, and Indian singer Suryaveer Hooja. Molecule Air Bar is also known for its festive season parties, namely their New Year’s Eve celebrations and Christmas parties.

Find Molecule Air Bar Online: Instagram | Facebook

Club BW, The Suryaa

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9 PM to 3 AM


Named in coercion with its black & white sleek interiors, Club BW located in The Suryaa, New Delhi, is an upscale live music lounge with an extensive menu and distinctive events every night. The venue also packs an impressive sound and light system! The Club BW menu consists of all your liquor needs, including signature cocktails and handcrafted shots, along with a large selection of international finger foods to pair easily with a night of heavy dancing.

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Club BW has dedicated nights reserved for specific types of musical events; patrons can opt for a night of pop-fueled partying, or really throw it down at Club BW’s hip hop and electronic music events. Wednesdays are reserved for ‘A More Dazzling Diva Affair’, with most nights featuring a mainstay set of DJs, including DJ Liltee, DJ Ishjot, and VDJ Zroxx. Attendees will be found sporting their best outfits, in keeping with the venue’s ambience, all-in-all promising a night of musical indulgence, paired with scrumptious food and beverages.

The venue also hosts an array of themed events, such as Halloween-themed nights, fashion-centered parties and artist showcases where patrons can expect to be treated to a night full of some Marshmello originals or The Weeknd‘s newest album!

Fine Club BW Online: Instagram | Facebook

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