All You Need to Know About Miami VAIL Major

Virtual reality technology studio, AEXLAB, presents Miami VAIL Major, which will see four teams compete live at Superblue Miami in Florida on Saturday, October 1, 2022. Tickets for the event are powered by Ticket Fairy.

VAIL is an exciting competitive online multi-player shooter game for virtual reality developed by AEXLAB and has already received critical acclaim. It has also been nominated for Best VR Game of the Year 2022. 

Although VAIL VR is a new competitive virtual reality experience, it appeals to some of the most talented people in the esports realm. Teams from all over the world have been fighting it out in VAIL, which focuses on tactical gunplay and combat. They did this for a chance to get flown out to the Miami VAIL Major this weekend in Miami.

The final four teams will compete LIVE at the Superblue Miami Museum before a large audience on October 1. The grand prize at the event is USD 35,000. Along with the grand prize comes the eternal prestige of being the winner of the Miami VAIL Major LAN Finals!

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At the VAIL tournament finale, Superblue Miami will also offer an outstanding lineup of a variety of high-tech interactive digital art experiences, making it an immersive affair. It has been created by some of the globe’s major artists, so be ready for a fascinating time!

You may enjoy the live tournament matches and the immersive activations crafted by leading VR brands at the venue. There will also be interactive gallery experiences hosted by Superblue and a halftime show by ThrillSeeker. The VAIL tournament’s final round in Miami will feature special guest appearances and industry influencers.

While everyone can enjoy a variety of local foods, an open bar is available for those over the age of 21. There is no age limit for entry at this event, and no matter who you are – an aspiring pro, someone playing VAIL for fun, or those new to VAIL, you are all welcome for a day filled with exciting activities and enjoyment.

This excellent venue will see one of the most immersive VR esports experiences ever, so don’t miss it! Don’t forget to get merch from the booths hosted by VR esports companies as well as community members!

Get your tickets for ‘MIAMI VAIL MAJOR LIVE FROM SUPERBLUE’ via Ticket Fairy: HERE

VAIL VR on Steam | Twitter | Discord 

Find AEXLAB Online: Website | Twitter 

Superblue Miami Website

IVRL VAIL Tournament Website

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