Label Showcase: Me Me Me Records

Me Me Me Records has been championing the house and nu disco sound for over five years. We take a look at some of the UK-based multi-style label’s best releases.

When you have your time and energies invested in the deepest depths of electronic music, you will know the paramount importance of record labels. They have the ability to shape a music scene and build an infrastructure that is healthy and innovative across all the artistic food chains in the genres they operate in. Historically, genres like house, techno, and drum & bass have had the privilege of having a solid foundation and with it, the ability to usher into new eras of electronic music.

A product of house and techno’s thriving and expansive space is Geoff Kirkwood aka Man Power’s Me Me Me Records. Dropping their first release in 2016, the Newcastle-based label has been championing forward thinking sounds, with the common thread being house, nu-disco and techno. In under five years, Me Me Me Records has built a catalog that explores a variety of styles, and we will take a look at some of the label’s best releases and why you should pay attention to their cutting-edge music.

One of the highlights of Me Me Me’s music is its rising and slow burning narrative with haunting sonics. This tune from Tyneside mainstay Peter Wilson featuring his new Kiaki alias serves up a club-ready weapon that is sure to work its magic in a dark rave.

Next tune comes from Vyvyan, who is one half of the renowned Leeds-based duo PBR Streetgang. Using organic melodies with a progressive pulsation in ‘Kali Va’, Vyvyan takes us on to a journey into the rugged and visceral dancefloor tropes that express his deep love for dance music and its culture.

The beauty of Me Me Me Records music are their length, along with the journey that they offer, making the listening experience a pleasant one. Pale Blue offers just that. ‘Have You Passed Through This Night’ is a silky smooth disco tune that travels through vocal samples that talk about freedom and love.

Another long and pleasing aural beauty from Me Me Me Records comes from Edmondson. With bubbling melodies, and its intense sound design, ‘PSG’ is a pure work of art that has the ability to be a serious nostalgia inducer.

Vyvyan appears once again in our selection of the best Me Me Me Records, but this time, in a remixed capacity. Label chief Man Power invited the legendary Paul Woodford to remix the rugged Vyvyan original to add his trademark jumpy dancefloor tension. The result was this belter.

Our next and final Me Me Me favorite comes from the label boss himself. Deep and progressive, with subtle acid tones, ‘Valhalla’ is a nine minute journey that embodies every aspect of the label’s sounds that Man Power has been meaning to project since the inception of the label.

Explore Me Me Me Records’ full catalog – HERE

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