CIA Records Celebrate 25 Years With A Compilation

The celebrated drum & bass label known for its tech-fueled supercharged music has dropped a massive various artists album to celebrate 25 years.

Playing a pivotal role in the rich history of drum & bass and its rise as one of the top electronic music genres in the world, CIA Records is a Bristol-based record label run by DnB duo Total Science. The label started its activities in 1996, when Total Science dropped two deep and atmospheric numbers to kick start a monumental journey. Taking their love for the punchy, melodic, and atmospheric, Total Science went on to create an imprint and identity which not only showcased their own ever-increasing catalog of music, but they also fearlessly promoted the talent they believed in.

Over the years, CIA Records has brought names like LTJ Bukem, Calibre, Q Project, Lenzman, State Of Mind, Digital, Spirit, DLR on the label while giving promising acts their platforms to thrive, who have quickly become key players of the scene. With a plan to give the label an added dimension to promote the deep and rolling sounds of drum & bass, CIA introduced their sub-label, Deepkut in 2006. The label has now been responsible for handling some of DnB’s finest talents.

After releasing numerous singles, EPs and and albums and championing the genre they dearly love, Total Science are celebrating CIA Records’ 25th year in 2022. To mark the occasion, they have dropped a gargantuan 12-track various artists album featuring the best talents the label has to offer. The ’25 Years of CIA’ LP has brought Calibre, Digital, The Sauce, Break, Minor Forms, Kublai, Zero T, FD, Quadrant & Iris, Nymfo, along with the label heads themselves.

The LP begins with Calibre’s moody and dubbed-out overlays on Total Science’s ‘Gravy Girls’ before Myth comes charging with a steppy belter called ‘Armadillo.’ Break, who is known to be one of the most technically supreme producers in drum & bass, delivers his trademark touch on ‘Something Like That’ while Minor Forms makes his return on the label with a tune full of hypnotic textures on ‘Rave U.’ The Sauce make an appearance on the album with a funky roller called ‘BST Vibes’ and FD brings gleaming sounds on ‘Sweaty Porpoise.’

Digital, Quadrant & Iris waste no time in showcasing why they are such revered producers in drum & bass with their respective tunes. Bringing the ’25 Years of CIA’ LP to its home stretch, Zero T drops a tune which is an exhibition of the dubwise aesthetics he is known for. Dutch brings his rolling sounds on ‘Stick With It’ before Total Science and Kublai bring the album to close by taking us on a ride into their melodic and synth-laden glory.

Grab your copy of the ’25 Years of CIA’ LP – HERE

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