Note Drops a Stunning EP on Goldfat Records

The Manchester-based producer who made his debut on Goldfat Records last year has returned to the label for a gorgeous 4-tracker.

We’ve always raved about how outrageously good Mitekiss and Mr. Porter-led Goldfat Records are at scouting the finest talent from every corner of drum & bass, and Note is the perfect example of this. Hailing from Manchester, Note made his debut on Goldfat Records on their Full Fat compilation last year, adding to DnB’s plethora of prodigious talents.

Note’s debut release, ‘This Work,’ which featured warm melodies and crisp drums, is a style that is now synonymous with the producer’s music. Since then, Note has racked up releases on respected players like Lenzman’s The North Quarter and Vandal Records.

After closing 2021 on The North Quarter’s yearly compilation, Note made a couple of appearances on Vandal Records which included a two-track EP. Now, for his third release of the year, he has returned to the label where it all started for him with a breathtaking EP called ‘Precious Tender Things.’

Speaking about his latest EP, Note said “These tracks were written at a time where I was feeling particularly fragile about my place in the drum & bass scene, both creatively and socially. There’s a lot about the way this scene operates that makes it very uncomfortable for those who don’t look, think or behave in a particular way.

Maybe because drum & bass is an underground movement some people (mainly cis men) don’t consider that the social issues that effect wider society such as queer-phobia, sexism, racism, etc. also exists within our tiny community, and that this has a profound affect on the music that comes out of this scene.”

The warm and fuzzy melodies that Note has been steadily building a reputation for, come into play right from the first tune of the EP; this time with charged-up textures to the exquisite drum work that shines all over ‘Empty Spaces.’ Second tune, ‘Keep It Simple,’ does indeed keep things simple, but makes them highly effective. Borderline Calibre vibes there.

‘Learn To Speak’ is where the EP takes a dark and sinister turn with a deep crushing low-end number, before bringing the EP to a close with ‘Honesty Matter’ featuring sophisticated rhythms and simple drum patterns that are distinctive, meticulous and transportive. Another Goldfat hit!

Grab your copy of the ‘Precious Tender Things’ EP- HERE

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