Label Showcase: Dar Disku Records

The Bahrain-based label has been at the forefront of pushing High NRG music that flips classic pop and disco numbers from Arabia and takes them around the world.

When we say music has transportive abilities that no other power or force in the world can come close to, Dar Disku’s piercing brand of disco is what we mean. Led by Mazen AlMaskati and Vish Matre and initially starting as a duo, the self-titled Bahrain-based label has been on a mission to revive the lost gems of Arabic disco and turn them into infectious dancefloor numbers since 2019.

Growing up a mile apart in the Middle East, Mazen and Vish would often find themselves burning mixtapes to show friends and strangers, with their music tastes heavily dominated by names like Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Daft Punk, and Benga. This continued until they realized that their heart belonged to the enthralling world of Middle Eastern music, and that is how the Dar Disku journey began.

Now in its third year, very few have been able to match Dar Disku’s craft, and we will take a closer look into their crate-digging voyages of psychedelia and Italo disco.

Starting with Dar Disku’s biggest release yet. ‘Sidi Mansour’ is a popular folkloric song from Tunisia, but it has iterations across the Middle East and North Africa. This version from Algerian artist Cheba Yamina was given a throbbing remake by Moving Still for his second release on the label. The tune’s hypnotic textures have the ability to make an immovable object dance.

Dar Disku’s quest to find the deepest Arabic cuts took them to Egypt this time, and they brought one of the country’s classics from Ehab Tawfik. To give the tune the signature Dar Disku treatment, the label brought Dutch producer Tjade on board, who turned the original into a giant wall of sound with a tantalizing bassline, making the tune a staple in many DJ sets.

With their influences traveling to Morocco, Dar Disku picked one of the country’s cherished artists and took on the monumental task of giving the Dar Disku touch while keeping the original’s beauty intact. The result was a club-ready version of Cheb Mimoune’s classic, full of Egyptian G Funk influences. A proper party starter!

Dar Disku was introduced to this tune by fellow MENA crate digger Moataz, aka ‘Disco Arabesquo’ and the moment they heard the original, Dar Disku simply knew that an edit of this would fly in clubs and festivals alike. So, after tracking down ‘Digitec Records,’ the original owner of the tune, Dar Disku flipped the tune into a zesty calypso-tinged future-classic, loaded with Caribbean percussions that will transport you into the smoky discotheques of the 80s.

The beauty of Dar Disku’s imprint lies in releasing music when you least expect it, dishing out delightful numbers like the ones we’ve listed. Be sure to keep an eye out on the label’s Instagram handle for updates on their music, and until then, tune into this playlist created by Dar Disku, which receives timely updates from the owners themselves.

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