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The ingenious drum & bass trio comprising of The Clamps, SKS and Opsen had a chat with us about the debut album ‘Symposium’ LP on RAM Records.

It was in 2019 when a mysterious name emerged on SKS-led Vandal Records with the release of the ‘Turba’ EP. While the face behind the name was unknown, Forum made it clear with their first EP that they meant business. Right after the debut EP came another in the same year, and looking at the sheer quality of the productions, it was certain that the act’s music comes from a seasoned campaigner in drum & bass.

Forum then went on to reveal the people behind it, with names like The Clamps, one part of French DnB act, Signs, and Vandal Records own head honcho. The beauty of Forum’s music is that every EP you listen to from the trio has a steady progression. It can either go from grinding basslines and hard-hitting drums to uplifting melodies, or the other way round.

After a few releases on Vandal Records and RAM Records’ sister-label ProgRAM, Forum has returned to the label to deliver their debut album ‘Symposium.’ Following the release, we were keen to know their thoughts behind their journey and their latest album. Here is what they had to say.

Hey guys, congratulations on the release of your stunning debut album. What are your thoughts?

FORUM: We are happy to release this musical piece which represents a period we will remember in our life, and it’s good to have a part of this period out on Program as an LP.

Having heard your music since your initial releases with Vandal Records, the album becomes a fascinating journey for us as listeners. How did you approach the album’s creative aspects?

FORUM: We weren’t in the process of writing an LP but it was written within a period of 3 months spent together doing sport, eating good food and writing music. We made a lot of tracks with different vibes but still in a mood corresponding to all of us.

It’s a real life moment in music, with fun and vibes together.

We are fascinated by the album’s artwork as well. What was the idea behind it?

FORUM: We love the antique period, and the album is rich with different vibes (liquid, rollers…) but still definitely done for the dancefloor. We decided to call it something that represents a party and “Symposium” in ancient Greece is the moment after the dinner when the people start to play music and drink more alcohol so we asked the designer (Army Of Few) to represent this vibe with the ancient Greek design.

The album features a wide range of solo productions that are complimented by collaborations with LaMeduza, Cecil Hotel, Izela, and Medic MC. How did you guys go about finding the balance you were looking for in the album?

FORUM: Everything went very naturally. All of us have great relationships with other artists we love and it was logical to have them on the album. We often start making tracks thinking of having a singer on it, so we asked Medic MC, LaMeduza and Izela to participate on the tracks. We think their voices and mood fit very well to the track to create beautiful musical journeys.

With the Cecil Hotel collaboration, it was simply because we love their music and Nicolas is involved in this project too (with Lionel Le Lutin), so it was very easy to make a collaboration together as we’re all living in the same town.

Being from India, we have to ask; what was the reason behind naming one of your tracks ‘Tandoori’?

FORUM: This is simply because we all love tandoori chicken and we were eating a tandoori chicken sandwich the day we made the track and as both were tasty we decided to call the track Tandoori!

Who inspired Forum’s musical journey?

FORUM: We are inspired by loads of old and recent DnB like the 2000 Quarantine era, The old school jungle era and more recently by artists like Dawn Wall, Halogenix and Levela…but yeah we have other influences like hip-hop, metal music or electronic too.

What would be Forum’s dream collaboration?

FORUM: We are already working on this in the studio 🙂 but yes Levela, Break, The Sauce, and Dawn Wall would be sick.

What are the genres that Forum would like to make other than drum & bass?

FORUM: For the moment we are focused on making more drum and bass, but we’re open to making a few other things like halftime or techno. We have no limits.

What are the five tracks that you guys are feeling at the moment?

FORUM: 1. Objectiv – Falling Order
2. Enei – No Man
3. Dawn Wall – Fears
4. Clipz – No Time (ft. Nia Archives, Beenie Man, Cristale & ShaSimone)
5. Yaano – Get It Like

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