Dunk’s Art of Minimal and Dark Drum & Bass

Following the release of his second album on Dispatch Recordings, we will take a look at the Brazilian producer’s dark and piercing DnB arts.

Of course the spiritual home of drum & bass is the United Kingdom, but even during its inceptive years, it has spread its wings across different continents. The genre found its way to the Samba land of Brazil, and since then, every act coming out of the South American country has never missed a beat, with some examples being DJ Marky, DJ Patife, Bungle, Urbandawn, and Jam Thieves.

Jam Thieves, for over a decade has dropping its signature funk-fueled pile drivers, and while the act now operates solo, the separating individual from Jam Thieves is Neto Garcia aka Dunk. Starting his Dunk project in 2020, the producer has already got heads rolling with his piercing style of music.

Using funk and aggression in equal measure, Dunk has been unstoppable since his debut. In just under 3 years, Dunk has released over two dozen EPs along with two smashing studio albums on Dispatch Recordings. Assuming he is already in the studio brewing up some mind-bending storms for his next album, we will take a look at some of Dunk’s tunes that make him one of the most prolific producers in drum & bass.

Starting with a tune from his latest album, ‘Made In Brazil’ perfectly defines the album’s title ‘The Art of Minimal,’ a style of drum & bass Dunk has been championing for years. This album, however, is condensed, refined and unapologetically a 100% Dunk sound.

The highlight of this tune is how Dunk adds more funk and flow to his already known funky sound. Teaming up with Isaac Maya and Ranking Joe, ‘Bad Boy Sound’ sees a heavy use of reggae elements until Dunk unleashes his unmistakable Brazilian flavor.

‘Namaste’ is another example of Dunk harmonious merging of styles, whilst still engineering his trademark funky bite. The tune is as imposing as the ones we have listed before; with flicking beat relays and snapping snares, ‘Namaste’ carries a hook which grapples you between each segment.

Hyperclean sound design, sharp bass noises, hazy vocal samples, but this time, with a charged up drum pattern, Dunk delivered another masterpiece on Formation Records, featuring head bopping textures with dark rolling sounds that make him an unstoppable force in drum & bass.

There’s no end to what Dunk can throw at us stylistically, and this is tune will tell you why. Moving away from his crisp and rolling sounds, the Brazilian marched into steppy territories while launching a full frontal bass attack to rattle your chest. Watch out for that monstrous second drop.

Let us know which of our selections from Dunk’s funky drum & bass world you fancied the most. After that, enjoy Dunk’s latest album, which is the definition of minimal DnB mastery.

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