Enei Announces New Album: Humans

10 years after releasing his debut ‘Machines’ album, the Russian drum & bass virtuoso has announced his third studio album, ‘Humans’.

Right from his debut in 2008, Enei has consistently rolled out one message; that he is one of the finest beat-smiths modern-day drum & bass has come across in the the last decade and some. Kickstarting his productions voyages with a mix of neurofunk and tech-step, Enei has evolved his sound into the gushing and experimental style that we know today.

Hailing from St. Petersburg in Russia, a young Alexey Egorchenkov was introduced to drum & bass in 2003. Infected by the genre’s velocity, Enei dug deep and landed his first release on Dutch label Fokuz Recordings, followed by appearances on imprints Blu Saphir, Cyanide, and Citrus before signing exclusively to Kasra’s Critical Music.

Since then, Enei’s name has been synonymous with the hard-hitting and techier side of drum & bass. His imperious catalogue includes two colossal albums along with a collaborative album with Kasra, all defining the effusive style of DnB he has been pushing for more than a decade. One of the albums from this list is his debut album ‘Machines’ which he released back on 2012, announcing himself in the scene.

10 years since its release, the Russian badman is all set to release the flipside of his first long release with ‘Humans.’ After systematically belting out singles for the best part of 2021 and this year, Enei has announced his third album, which will also feature few tunes like ‘No Man,’ and ‘Show Me’ featuring Oddd and The Hammer, which is his latest release.

Speaking about the album, label boss Kasra who has been pivotal to Enei’s rise as a drum & bass powerhouse said “Alex has been working with us for over 10 years now and in that time he has consistently made some of the best dance floor underground drum and bass in the scene. This collection of tunes is further proof of his quality. The full spectrum is covered here with deft skill and it’s an honour to be releasing the 3rd Enei album on Critical.”

The 13-track album is set to be released on November 11, and while you listen to Enei’s latest banger, you can pre-order the album – HERE

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