Everything You Should Know About Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile by Ubisoft is is a free-to-play first person shooter coming out on both Android and iOS mobile devices. The game is a scaled-down version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a PC game that features many of the same operators, maps, and even gameplay mechanics.

If you’re as excited as we are, here’s everything we know about Rainbow Six Mobile!

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Rainbow Six Mobile is a first-person multiplayer shooter that will soon be free-to-play. The beta version has been available for Android mobiles since September 23, 2022 for a selected few. The game features three of the most well-known maps in the game: Bank, Boarder, and Club House.

The Difference Between PC and Mobile

It’s obvious that many of you who have already played Rainbow Six Siege on PC are extremely excited for the release of the mobile version, but with all the excitement aside, there are a few things to note that are different, and might change upon release.

One of these would be the one-shot headshot mechanic that has been one of the defining factors of any Tom Clancy game. Unfortunately, in Rainbow Six Mobile, the developers have not added the function, and the gameplay isn’t quite what you’d expect, but rather, has a similar feel to Call of Duty Mobile.

Rainbow Six Siege on the PC has been a game that has evolved throughout the years. Even after seven years of its release, players are given four new operators each year. The roster on the mobile version has only eight attackers and eight defenders, if compared to the PC version, which has thirty attackers and thirty defenders.

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Ubisoft might be planning on doing the same with their mobile version, releasing more and more operators as the game grows. Right now, their rosters include many of the first-year operators like Sledge, Ash, Thermite, Thatcher, Glaz, Hibana, Twitch, and Ying as attackers. The defender’s line-up is Jager, Rook, Bandit, Caveira, Kapkan, Mute, Smoke, and Valkyrie.


Just like the PC version, Rainbow Six Mobile is a five-on-five shooter in which one team defends the objective, while the other team has to breach walls, drones, gather information, and tactically take control of the objective.

Defenders are given an allotted time at the beginning of every round where they reinforce walls, barricade doors, and use their special abilities to fortify the objective. There are three types of operators or roles you could help your team with. One is support, usually a slow operator that can hold long angles in site. Second is a roamer who flanks the attackers and is tasked with wasting the attackers’ time. Another role you could play is as an intel provider and denier, having cameras, traps, and denial of drones from the attackers.

While the attackers are tasked with droning and locating the objective during the preparation phase, they can use their utility to breach walls to enter the objective and even cover flanks. Attackers also have a couple of roles that if you start playing, you’re going to follow.

The first role that everyone likes to play is a hard-breacher, an operator who has the ability to open reinforced walls and drone teammates in. The second would be support, also known as a flex operator, that can cover flanks and help the breacher open the wall. Finally, there’s your entry-frag, usually someone in your team with great gun skills that is tasked with getting the first kill or taking the majority of the gun-fights.

Even if you’ve never played a Rainbow Six game before, it seems as though it’s going to be quite easy to get used to. Controls for each movement are placed on your screen from using your ability and to even go on cameras. 

Rainbow Six Mobile is unfortunately only available for a few people at the moment. Android phone users can preregister and have it installed the minute it releases, but iOS devices are yet to see it in on app store. 

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