Revaux Makes A Return With A Thumping EP

The ingenious drum & bass duo is back after a brief production hiatus with a storming four-tracker on Kyrist’s Kynetic Sound label.

Ever since their debut in 2016, drum & bass duo Revaux has been pushing their name as one of the best operators in the rolling sounds of DnB, that capture both spectrums of the genre. Hyperclean sound design, powerful drum patterns and an optimum use of synths is how Revaux has been pushing their forward-thinking music since their venture in drum & bass.

Revaux’s knack for dishing out deep, funk driven rollers took them to labels like Shogun Audio, Lifestyle Recordings, Vandal Records, Technique Recordings, and many more, before going into a long hiatus from 2019. The pair has now made a roaring return with an EP that not only exemplifies their style, but explores other genres as well.

The four-track ‘Mamba’ EP, which is an exhibition of soaring textures that are laid out for maximum dance-floor impact, is out on on Kyrist’s Kynetic Sound imprint. Kyrist, who started her label early this year, has been comfortably placed her name as one of the finest acts in drum & bass, while pushing the techy and gritty sounds she has been championing over the years.

The ‘Mamba EP begins with Revaux teaming up with label chief Kyrist on ‘Shinto,’ which begins with a haunting intro, until the duo’s water-tight drums converge seamlessly with Kyrist’s penchant for rattling bass stabs to create a no-nonsense drum & bass belter. Next track ‘Jelly’ brings the rolling sounds back, but this time, with compact bass grooves that maintain their raw and techy edge throughout.

Title track ‘Mamba’ is the ideal testification of Revaux’s articulate and finely crafted drum & bass that comes with a sonic appeal that has been consistently made evident in the duo’s back catalog. Final track ‘Non-Bio’ comes as a surprise for everyone with Revaux diving deep into the dubstep trenches, complimented by fantastic use of hypnotic oriental samples. What a way to return to your best!

Grab the ‘Mamba’ EP – HERE

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