TFword in Conversation With Like Mike

Following the release of his latest single, we spoke to the Belgian electronic music legend about his solo project, his album, Tomorrowland, and lots more.

Even if someone is not associated with electronic music, there is a good probability that Like Mike’s name must have brushed past them; that’s how monumental the Belgian’s goliath is. Along with his brother, Dimitri, he has received accolades that only a handful of artists have been able to.

While he was taking his love for the big room and festival sound to the world as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, his solo project started taking shape at the back end of the last decade. Since then, Like Mike has built a solo juggernaut that is free from the shackles of genres, so far he has delivered several charting singles and an incredible album ‘Pain, Love, & What Comes After,’ which has further consolidated his stature amongst electronic music greats.

Like Mike has also been pivotal in Tomorrowland’s rise as one of the biggest music festivals in the world, delivering captivating DJ sets that call upon attendees from across the globe. The legendary producer has now released a series of gorgeous singles; and following the release, we caught up with the man himself to know more about his solo project, his album, the Tomorrowland festival, and more.

Hey there, legend; thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you and where are you speaking with us from?

Like Mike: Doing really well, thanks. I’m currently in Greece and just got back from a camping trip. Now I’m working on some new music and enjoying the last bits of warm weather here. 

You have had an inspirational career that fans and artists alike look up to, but how would you like to describe your artistic journey so far?

Like Mike: I think I’d describe my journey in this industry as eye-opening and magical. I’ve seen parts of the world I could never have imagined, and lived such an incredible life because I followed my passions and intuition at a young age. There’s something to be said for that. 

A new track after your release with Claptone and Mansionair at the back end of 2021. How long was ‘Desire’ in the locker?

Like Mike: Desire is a relatively new song I made after the release of my album. It was a much quicker turnaround from production to release with Desire than with my previous music, some songs of which I had kept for years before releasing. 

‘Desire’ is a proper summer-time feels lifter. What’s your favorite memory of dropping the tune?

Like Mike: I loved playing the song in my set at Tomorrowland Winter. It was great to see the crowd’s reaction and feel the energy from this new track. 

You released an album last year. What was the experience like while writing the album?

Like Mike: Well, the songs on that album are a compilation of tracks from the past decade. Some were written quite some time ago. I love writing my own songs; it feels more genuine, and the energy feels more authentic to me.

Your solo and collaborative projects demand time, energy, and creativity in abundance. How do you keep yourself inspired?

Like Mike: Life inspires me. Simple as that. The travel, parties, time in nature, time with family and friends, it’s all inspiring in their own ways. 

You started your own imprint as well. What was the inspiration behind starting a label, and what plans do you have for it going forward?

Like Mike: I wanted my own space to release my music and search for new talent, regardless of genre. I’ve been very busy with my own work lately, but I’m always searching for new music to release on Greenroom, and I am always accepting new demos. If people are interested, they can email [email protected] 

Tomorrowland stands in its 17th year as one of the biggest music festivals in the world where you’ve brought people from every corner and culture together. How do you look back at Tomorrowland since its inception?

Like Mike: Our first year at Tomorrowland as performers was 2009, and it’s truly exploded in popularity since then. It’s been amazing to see how many people from countries all over the world travel to Belgium for the festival. This year it was especially crazy. For the first time in history, Tomorrowland was held over the course of 3 weekends. That was incredible to be part of for sure. 

How does the rest of the year look like for Like Mike?

Like Mike: I’ve got some shows in the Middle East around my birthday and then of course, our Sportpaleis show in Antwerp later in December. It’s the last time we’ll be doing that show, so it’s gonna be epic. Then we head to India and Thailand for New Years. I’m really excited to go back to that part of the world. 

Listen to Like Mike’s latest single here:

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