EA Announces Future Plans For The Sims Franchise

EA recently announced during a Sims livestream event that they are currently developing a next-generation Sims game codenamed ‘Project Rene.’ We haven’t had a new Sims game in almost a decade; we got Sims 4 and several expansions since its release back in 2014, but that didn’t stop fans from wanting more!

Many speculate Project Rene might be a codename for Sims 5, which might be too early in development for the EA or Sims creative team to comment upon. Below you will find everything we know about Project Rene.

The Sims franchise is known for its innovative creativity and world stories that form adventures your sim takes. Sims Rene is said to encourage creativity from players, evolve how the sims AI reacts to its surroundings, with possibly even a multiplayer focused world!

New Features   

Sims players have frequently found themselves in a creative bind while designing their sims’ bedrooms, kitchens, or even the hallway. Rene is said to provide its players with more variety and options, as shown below. 

Custom Furniture Designs

In The Sims 4, we have a set number of furniture with patterns on them that sometimes don’t fit the room. The Sims’ creative team has slowly but surely come up with a solution. It’ll allow players to customize their furniture style, color, and even patterns. These are just a few things they will be adding to build mode in Project Rene.

A Multiplayer Mode/Co-op

In The Sims 4’s multiplayer, players can already share their builds, room decors, and lots, but with Project Rene you will be able to have a close friend or family member change and edit the layout of a room in real-time. They have also promised that the game can be played on any device, be it your laptop, phone, or even your tablet.

The timing of their announcement couldn’t be better, as EA announced last month that the ‘Standard Edition’ of Sims 4 will now be available for free on the PC, the Mac, PlayStation consoles, and many Xbox consoles.

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