Halloween Special With Animistic Beliefs, FILM, Zequenx and BAST at Auro, Delhi

Events communities MediumRare and Nightvibe are setting the stage for spooks and scares with a techno twist for their upcoming Halloween showcase. Set to stem from Delhi’s favorite nightlife venue, Auro Kitchen and Bar, the Halloween party will present one of the finest DnB and techno duo Animistic Beliefs on deck! Here is all you need to know about the Halloween Special scheduled for October 29, 2022! Tickets for the event are brought to you by Ticket Fairy.

Last month, MediumRare and Nightvibe collaborated to curate a show that featured Berlin-based underground music maestro Todh Teri, deep house and electronica artist Kaleekarma, and techno artist D80. It was housed at Auro, and the team is returning to the venue for a Halloween special this Saturday, October 29, beginning at 9 PM.

Animistic Beliefs on Hör Berlin

Rotterdam-based duo Animistic Beliefs, comprised of Vietnamese-Chinese music producer Linh Luu and Dutch-Moluccan DJ Marvin Lalihatu, will headline the Halloween show. Their music is known for combining instruments and sounds from their respective cultures with an electronic dance/techno approach. Regarding their experience of playing live, the duo told SHAPE+, “It’s when we play live that we can really let go and release all of our energy. It’s the vibe and energy from the dancefloor that really gets us going, haha. We like to interact with each other and the crowd a lot.”

Animistic Beliefs will also appear as part of the Boiler Room Festival in Amsterdam in November 2022.

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Music producer, DJ and promoter Sanil Sudan, better known as FILM, is also on the lineup for the Halloween special, with electronic music producer and DJ Zequenx, stage name of Zainab Waniaka, and BAST as supporting acts. BAST will also be the opening act at Auro!

FILM’s self-titled thirteen-track debut album was released in 2022 via Qilla Records. The most popular streamed tracks are ‘Call Me,’ ‘Rush,’ and ‘I’ve Always Liked to Trance.’ Rated four stars by Rolling Stone India, “Film traverses techno, ambient, hip-hop, and breakbeat, among other styles to arrive at a sound that he can resolutely claim as his own. The producer’s intent to marry all kinds of narratives with his music also adds another dimension to the 13-track album,” reads the album review.

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Meanwhile, opening act BAST spoke to us about their upcoming performance at the Halloween showcase. They said, “I really want to stress on the fact that it’s an incredible lineup, but it’s also super queer, ’cause Animistic, me, and zequenx are queer. It’s going to be a freakin’ sick party because we’re going to have an aerialist drag performer! It’ll be quite sick, something Delhi hasn’t seen yet. I’d also like to use this opportunity to talk about more queer folks in mainstream nightlife, and it’s great to see that slowly happening.”

“Shoutout to Sanil (FILM) and Auro for putting this all together. It’s literally Halloween, and that’s an important night for queer folks. This is the one night where you can go out, dress up, live your fantasy and be who you want to be. It’s great to have this Halloween gig. I am so excited. All the queers are so excited! Can’t wait for it!” they added.

We also reached out to Zequenx, who told us, “I’m really looking forward to warming it up for Animistic Belief. They are legendary, and the night is going to be legendary. My sets gonna have some heavy-hitting acid, electro, and breaks. Gonna be a spooky, ravey night!”

Zequenx and BAST previously worked together on the music of ‘Traumamama,’ which mixed sounds from NASA’s sound archive.


Nightvibe also recently completed eight years of operations on October 11, 2022. The team has announced four tours for November and December, as well as an exclusive show to cap off Nightvibe’s eight years.

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