No Neighbours Around Debuts With ‘In the Night’

No Neighbours Around, a Bangalore-based 4-piece outfit, has shared their new single ‘In the Night’. This disco-punk and psychedelic rock-inspired track marks the band’s debut original release since its inception in 2019.

Consisting of Adhithya Shankar (vocals), Romario Norman (guitar), Vishwesh Siva (bass), and Vikas Gotla (drums), No Neighbours Around (NNA) is an alternative rock band that started their roots as a college band. Guitarist Romario was the common link between each member prior to NNA’s conception. Although all of them were individually active in the music scene (with Vikas and Romario playing in a punk rock band together, and Adhithya and Vishwesh being classmates and even flatmates at one point!), each pair had a separate conversation to hatch up a band. 

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“This arrangement solidified with regular writing and jam sessions near college, as well as at our flats where we conceptualized our first few songs, including ‘In the Night’,” the band reminisced. It has been three years since the band got together. In this span, No Neighbours Around has solidified themselves as an up-and-coming music outfit to look out for in and outside of Bangalore, India. 

We spoke to No Neighbours Around to discuss their debut single ‘In the Night’, exploring genres as an alt-rock band, plans for the future, and more!

Talk to us about your debut single, ‘In the Night’. What was the inspiration and creative process while writing this track?

Our debut single emerged from one of the first few ideas we jammed together as a band. Vishwesh introduced the bass riff to us with the intention of incorporating it into a section of a potential prog song! Needless to say, it went through a lot of changes from countless hours at the studio to get to what we have now.

You’ve described ‘In the Night’ as a disco-punk and psychedelic rock-inspired track. What led you to explore these genres for the single and which other genres would NNA like to make in the future?

The genres emerged from wishing to escape the monotony of life, which is also why the song is kinda free flowing with a weird structure. We tried to make it as real and meaningful as we could using words that don’t exist, and emotions that are universally shared! Listening to similar music led us to share a unified approach to the sound which is also evolving with every day of learning. 

From being a college band, successfully performing live shows across your city, to releasing your own music, how would you like to describe NNA’s journey?

One thing that worked out well for us, unlike other college bands, was that we ended up remaining in the same city even after graduating. The journey so far has been exciting, but we are also aware of how difficult it is to sustain ourselves as a band. There are numerous hurdles that bands face, and we are no exception. We think we have done a half-decent job persevering, though. Especially through the pandemic! From playing regular shows and releasing our debut single, it took us a couple of years, but we hope to keep this momentum going.

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Share your experience of sharing a stage with JBABE and SKRAT!

It was as great as it sounds! While we shared the stage with JBABE at a music festival, along with other artists, we were the sole openers for Skrat. To land a gig with one of our favorite bands, when uncertainty was all around, was something we wouldn’t forget so easily. We made the best of what we could from the opportunity and managed to get our entire set recorded as well. It’s always nice to look back at how fun that night was! Especially ‘In the Night’, which we played at 3x the speed due to sheer adrenaline. 

What’s coming up next for No Neighbours Around?

We have another single coming up, titled ‘Back to You’. It was written around the same time as ‘In the Night’. In the meantime, we wish to continue working hard in the studio and release our full-length EP in a few months’ time.  

Listen to ‘In the Night’ HERE

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