gini and Tansen. Join Forces for New Single, ‘Jugnoo’

Singer-songwriter-producer gini and bedroom producer Tansen. have teamed up on their latest single titled ‘Jugnoo’. After 17 months of toil and yielding multiple variations, the artists’ first collaborative track is now out on all streaming platforms!

Despite their succinct presence as artists, gini and Tansen. are already leaving an indelible mark on the independent music scene. Their newest release, ‘Jugnoo’ (Hindi word for fireflies), doubles down on this fact while simultaneously protruding their talents as musicians. Produced in a bedroom studio, the artists’ describe ‘Jugnoo’ as a song “about memories and stories from our life that hang around us like fireflies, some fading and some glowing brightly against the night, but all remaining with us forever.”

We got a chance to speak with gini and Tansen. about the creation of ‘Jugnoo’, their experience of working together, and more!

Tell us about ‘Jugnoo’. gini, what prompted you to write the song? And Tansen., how did you go about with its production?
gini: This song is co-written by my mother and me. We were working on another Hindi song when I was struck with the image of memories being like fireflies; whether they’re good or bad, they stay with us forever. I pitched this image to her, and we got started on ‘Jugnoo’. 

Tansen.: After listening to the vocals sent by gini, I knew it had to be a slow-paced beat with a lush soundscape and keeping the production minimal yet spacious.

What was the inspiration and process like while creating this track?
gini: The idea was to use ‘Jugnoos’ or fireflies as a symbol for memories. Many fade, others glow brightly, while some drift in and out of our lives. They flicker to prominence and die out as easily as embers. Once we were done with the lyrics, I sat down at the piano to write the melody. I wanted it to have a distinct hook and an inviting composition, so I chose to keep it in a comfortable mezzo-soprano range, something most people can sing in. I recorded the demo after the composition was done and sent it to Tansen. 

He promptly sent back 3-4 demos within the span of a month, each one closer to the sound we wanted, but not quite ‘it’. When we arrived at the demo we finally went with, it was relatively faster from that point onwards, albeit peppered with periods of time where either or both of us were swamped with other work. Voice is my principal instrument, so recording the vocals wasn’t difficult. I’m a sucker for harmonies, but Tansen. made the track super lush, so we couldn’t go crazy with harmonies. He had the brilliant idea of including a guitar riff, and that tied our two musical styles together.

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How did this gini x tansen. collaboration happen? Share your experience of working together on ‘Jugnoo’.
gini: It was May of last year when Tansen. reached out to me on Instagram pitching the idea for a collaboration. We’d promptly started working on a song, but I went through an unfortunate event and we deferred the collaboration. I ended up releasing my own music before the collaboration and the song we were working on kept getting put off till one day when we just dropped it altogether.

Around late May/early June of this year, we decided to collaborate for certain this time, and it led up to ‘Jugnoo’. I had quite a fun time and learned a bit about mixing and mastering tracks from him. Wonderful experience working on the track.

What’s coming up next for both of you, together or separately?
Tansen.: The whole process of releasing a song includes a lot of learning and listening to what the audience wants. Response and feedback along with the artist’s creativity, create the perfect mixture for a great song. With every release, I hope to get a better idea of how to go about the next release. About the current situation, there are a lot of moving parts in the background. But there’s a lot to be excited about for sure. All I can say right now is “stay tuned folks.”

gini: I intend to focus on my studies for the time being, and release singles till I graduate. I have a lot of music I’d like to put out, and hopefully, eventually, the world will get to hear all the stories I want to tell, whether they be my own, someone else’s, or a figment of my imagination. I’d like to release an EP or Album sometime next year after I graduate, maybe in the summer. Hoping for blue skies.

Listen to ‘Jugnoo’ HERE

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Feature Image Via gini and Tansen. (Artwork by winnie).

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