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Following the release of his newly formed alias on Yamatai Records, we spoke to the drum & bass producer about his journey, his style of production, and lots more!

Hailing from Central London, Altered Concept is a drum & bass producer pushing the deeper and darker side of the genre. Formerly known as LDT, Altered Concept combines clean and crisp drums and addictive bass sounds to create a deep and intense musical experience.

Taking heavy inspiration from the likes of Molecular, Ill Truth, Able, and DLR, Altered Concept has debuted his newly formed alias on Yamatai Records, which is a representation of his cutting-edge production techniques. The ‘Menace’ EP begins with the a blend fresh groovy drums and joyful atmospherics that shine through the vocal samples and atmos. ‘Read Between The Lines’ plays around percussions which add another level of depth to this tune over the powerful sub bass.

We were intrigued to know more about Altered Concept’s new alias, his journey so far, his penchant for the deeper side of DnB, and his plans for the future. Here is what he had to say!

Hey, thanks very much for taking the time to chat with us. How has the year been for you so far?

Altered Concept: Hey guys, not a problem! Thanks for reaching out. This year on a whole has been a whole heap of ups & downs. But mainly been a year for progression & really honing on my sound & style! Being introduced to James & the Yamatai Records team has been a real blessing as James has been amazing to work with & a great friendship has come from it too. So, win-win.

What was your gateway moment into drum & bass?

Altered Concept: Wow good question, my gateway moment into drum & bass… looking back, I was in school & as a group of mates we were all heavily into dubstep at the time, the likes of Benga, Coki, Caspa & Rusko. Which kind of paved the way for our love of drum & bass. I remember being shown CD packs of events like Jungle Mania, One Nation & Global Gathering and absolutely falling in love with the sounds, the pace & the MCs.

How did your artistic journey begin?

Altered Concept: My artistic journey is a funny one… From leaving school and going into my late teens/early twenties, still incredibly obsessed with drum & bass, A group of us used to meet up at various people’s houses, wack on dnb mixes/sets/tunes & jam out. I really wanted to be an mc when I first thought about getting involved in dnb. But frankly, I couldn’t write good lyrics & I couldn’t flow over beats either! But I wanted nothing more than to be involved in the scene somehow. So, in 2014/15, I bought a cheap controller & started teaching myself to DJ.

From there I slowly built up my djing career, entering completions, playing local events, which has then led me to playing up and down the country at venues such as Motion in Bristol, Fire & Lightbox in London and now holding a residency at my local nightclub Thirty3Hz in Guildford. In 2017 I decided it was time to learn music production, which I must give huge props to my good friend Will Ryan aka Simula for blessing me with his time and patience, as he taught me the basics of production. Since then, the rest is history, I guess.

Your latest EP on Yamatai Records explores the deeper trenches of drum & bass music. What are your thoughts on the release?

Altered Concept:  I’m really excited about this release as I truly believe it is my best work to date and it is a real reflection on my progression and really finding my sound & style. Which leads me on to your next question.

What was the inspiration behind moving from LDT to Altered Concept?

Altered Concept: The inspiration behind moving from my previous alias of LDT to Altered Concept was that I have always loved the darker, minimal, funky side of drum & bass, and although I have always been known as an artist that plays the full circumference of sub genres in my sets, I felt that it was time to knuckle down & pursue what I really wanted to make a name for myself in.

So with this decision it really felt like an end of an era for me, it was time to start fresh & really push a new brand that would reflect the transition in sound & style. The meaning behind ‘Altered Concept’ kind of speaks for itself as it signifies the change in direction.

What are the other genres that you like to explore other than drum & bass?

Altered Concept: The other genres I’d like to explore, which I have kind of dabbled in a little already but never really went any further with are Boom Bap/Hip Hop. I’m a huge lover of Hip Hop and have been since I was a kid. I love the use of live drum sounds alongside the sampling & chopping up of old funk and or soul tracks in the instrumentals. Also, I love the usage of chopping and twisting vocals in the instrumentals to create a vibe, this something I find really exciting.

I’d also love to explore the minimal side of 140/dubstep as I previously touched on, I was a huge lover of dubstep growing up & have never fallen out of love with it. The moody, heavy basslines, the percussion and the overall vibe it brings is something I’d love to explore myself.

What are Altered Concept’s plans for the immediate future?

Altered Concept: Well, for the immediate future, I will be delving deeper into my newfound sound/style and really hone in on it. I’ll be putting out more music & hopefully road testing some new tunes at venues I haven’t played at before. I also have some ideas in terms of labels I’d like to pursue in the new year & of course I will hopefully be working with James & Yamatai again very soon!

Listen to Altered Concept’s debut EP here:

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