TFword in Conversation With BLVCK CROWZ

We had a candid chat with the Dutch producer about his beginnings, his latest tune, drum & bass in The Netherlands, and lots more.

Hailing from The Netherlands, BLVCK CROWZ is on a mission to take Jump-up drum & bass to the next level. Starting his musical adventures in 2018, BLVCK CROWZ went from strength to strength, and come 2022, he has now affirmed his position as one of the top acts of the genre.

Bringing his catchy and energetic Jump-up sounds to the masses, BLVCK CROWZ has belted several charting singles and EPs, along with two solid albums in 2018 and 2020. This year has seen him make a solid run of releases, and now as we reach the business end of the year, the Dutchman has dropped a tune that takes inspiration from one of the most iconic tunes of all time.

Collaborating with Dave Winkler, BLVCK CROWZ has utilized the vocals from Oasis’ Wonderwall to utmost perfection and turned it into a summertime drum & bass anthem. Following the release, we were keen to know BLVCK CROWZ’s thoughts on the tune, his beginnings, his production style, and more. Here is what he had to say.

Hey, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. How do you look back at the summer that passed by?

BLVCK CROWZ: This summer was amazing, I’ve got to travel for shows so much. From playing festivals like World Club Dome in Germany to seeing Estonia for the first time. With great releases like ‘SUMMER’ I also got to put my name in the scene. This summer contained an enormous amount of growth for me, as a person and as an artist.

For our readers who may be new to your music, can you tell us how the BLVCK CROWZ began?

BLVCK CROWZ: BLVCK CROWZ began 3 years ago. Before that I used to make hardstyle music under the name Monkaholics. I feel like you can hear that in the beginning of the BLVCK CROWZ discography. Jump-up has always been something I’m really interested in. Once I found out that the people like Jump-up too, I just had a focus for BLVCK CROWZ. And now we’re here. 

We are quite intrigued by the name of your alias. What was the idea behind it?

BLVCK CROWZ: The first show of BLVCK CROWZ was an illegal rave on ‘de Raaf’. That is Dutch for the Raven. But, the artist name wasn’t settled yet. So from the Raven a train of thought for birds was entered. And there just came up BLVCK CROWZ. Even bought a complete outfit for it, to match the brand.

A smashing tune with Dave Winkler which shapeshifts its structure while featuring the lyrics of one of the most iconic tunes ever made. How did ‘Wonderwall’ come about?

BLVCK CROWZ: I’ve always liked the original track of Wonderwall. And I wanted to remix an ultimate classic. When making it with the original vocal from Oasis I got so inspired and the track was actually done really quick. I wanted to swap out the vocal from Oasis with the one from Dave Winkler since I love his voice and his covers on YouTube. Once the track was done I wanted to put it out as soon as possible. With help from Future House Cloud and High Tea Music it was released pretty quickly. I’m super happy to have this out and I love to hear the people sing it with me in the crowd.

You released an album as well in 2020 which features stunning solo productions and collaborations. How was the experience while writing the album?

BLVCK CROWZ: Writing the album was a lot of fun. With a lot of collabs from artist friends and working with them, was the most fun part for me. On the other hand, it was also a very stressful project. While having a fulltime job and writing the album in the night, you can say I was glad it was done. When I look back at the album I’m really proud and happy it’s still loved by many. I’m actually working on a new one now!

We love your dancefloor-focused drum & bass, but can we expect BLVCK CROWZ to go deeper and darker with his music in the future?

BLVCK CROWZ: Yes! There are some great collabs and releases planned. This week the GRAVEDGR collab will come out and I’m more than happy to finally see this coming out. It’ll be something else than everyone is used to now, but still fit the brand. 

Your home country is the hub for some of the finest and legendary talents drum & bass has seen, but which Dutch artists inspired you the most?

BLVCK CROWZ: T&Sugah always inspired me. Not only because they are great DJs and producers, I also really enjoy their energy. Their high-paced DJ sets accompanied with big smiles on their faces, inspired me in the beginning of BLVCK CROWZ and they still do.

What plans does BLVCK CROWZ have going into the rest of the year?

BLVCK CROWZ: The rest of the year is mainly focussing on bookings and the last releases of the year. I’m also planning 2023 already with music and collabs. And I can tell you, it will be an exciting year!

What are the five tracks that you are feeling at the moment?

BLVCK CROWZ:1. Poulish Kid – Get Rid Of Your Drugs
2. Cartoon – Piranha
3. Holy Goof Ft. Paige Cavell – Tell Me
4. Whiney Ft. P.Money – Sorry, I’m Not Sorry
5. Krakota Ft. Scrufizzer – Way We Move

Listen to BLVCK CROWZ’s ‘Wonderwall’ here:

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