TFword in Conversation With FRNTFLW

The talented Indian duo spoke to us about their latest track, their beginnings, style of music, dream collaborations, and lots more.

Incorporating influences from various styles and creating an aesthetic of their own, FRNTFLW is a multi-genre duo from India. Commencing their journey in 2017 FRNTFLW’s music features a unique blend of future bass and pop music. The duo then goes on to elevate the experience of the output by complimenting their tunes with stunning visual art.

Consistently pushing their own limits, FRNTFLW releases forward-thinking music; and the latest chapter in the quest for the emotional and the twisted is their tune ‘Kho Gayi.’ Featuring multi-instrumentalist Scansion along with evocative vocals of Sihie, the tune exhibits the story-telling abilities that FRNTFLW aims for in their music.

Following the release, we were keen to know more about their music, their beginnings, the creative process behind their latest track. Here’s what they had to say:

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you?

FRNTFLW: Hello. We have been amazing, and we hope you are great as well.

How did the FRNTFLW journey begin for you guys?

FRNTFLW: For us. the journey began back in 2017 when we (Tushar Mulchandani & Mayank Vidhani) got to know each other and became good friends. We discussed our interests and luckily, we were into the same kind of music and had similar goals for our careers. Since then, we have been working together as FRNTFLW and making music along with performing live as DJs.

Who were your biggest influences when you guys started making music?

FRNTFLW: When we started we were really fond of future bass, pop and experimental genres. We looked up to many artists such as Flume, The Chainsmokers, San Holo, and many more; and from there we found our sound, which is like a mixture of future bass, experimental, and pop music.

Your new single, ‘Kho Gayi,’ is a thing of beauty. Talk us through the creative process behind the tune!

FRNTFLW: So our single “Kho Gayi” first started in a jamming session with our very good friend Nimit Naik who goes by the name of Scansion. That was the time when we laid down the foundation of the song by recording guitars and adding some soothing piano and atmospheres to the track.

Once we had a rough idea we sent the demo to Sihie after which she wrote, recorded and sent us back the amazing composition of ‘Kho Gayi’; after that it took us a few sessions to complete and polish the track.

What was the definitive moment in FRNTFLW deciding to head the experimental way with their music?

FRNTFLW: There wasn’t a definitive moment where we decided to head towards the experimental way, as it is a journey for us where we love to experiment with different sounds to create something fresh for our audience.

Who would you deem your dream collaboration?

FRNTFLW: We would like to work with artists such as San Holo, The Chainsmokers, and would even love to produce hits for Indian rappers like Hanumankind, and Divine.

5 tunes you guys are feeling at the moment?

FRNTFLW: 5 tunes we’re currently jamming to are
1. Lost souls by Baby Keem
2. Anecdote by Rahul
3. P power by Gunna & Drake
4. The Fall by The Chainsmokers
5. Bb u ok? by San Holo

Listen to FRNTFLW’s latest tune here:

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